I know this great little place....

...In Leek. Which is a small market town in Staffordshire. It's called Pronto. Stoke on Trent is quite sparse in the ol' culinary delights department, so coming across little places like this is always extra special around these parts.
 I can't actually really say much about it, apart from its awesome. They have a varied selection on display including pies, desserts, olives and breads. And all fairly reasonably priced.
 If my waistline and pocket would permit it, I would visit here every day and live off their food. I've yet to sample something I disliked.
But as always I left with a few pieces of the Dime Quake Cake. It's simply AMAZING.
 It's a chocolate shortcrust pastry with a layer of caramel, then cream, drizzled with toffee and topped with a mini Dime bar. I'm not even a dessert person, but it's just the best thing in the world, ever. If someone would be so kind as to throw a recipe my way I'd be forever grateful. 
I know this is a short post, but I just had to share this place and that cake. It's just.....argh, words cannot describe. And yes, both pieces have now been disposed of...IN MAH BELLY.

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  1. Oh no... I am so hungry now :) the cake looks delicious.

  2. Oh that looks so nice, I love Dime bars!

  3. Holy Moly, that looks amazing!
    I noticed the fresh spple custard tarts in the pics and think I peed a little with excited.
    I was in the Midlands last weekend, only 45mins away from Stoke on Trent, if I'd known about this little shop then I would definitely have visited!

    Holli x

  4. yummmmm that place looks amazing!! xx

  5. make short crust pastry (butter, flour, add sugar with it being a sweet base - can whisk together to avoid mess on fingers - and add water once it looks like bread crumbs. if you want the full recipe and method just ask or google) I presume you need to add some cocoa powder to make the chocolatey short crust before adding the water, then the toffee I would boil condensed milk in its tin for 2 hours in boiling water - it gives the same taste as the toffee in banoffee pie - gooey toffee goodness, then whipped cream and then a dime bar crushed on the top, leave some toffee over so you can pour it over for the sauce. Jobs a good 'un :) x

  6. Hey i googled searched this you can buy these as a whole online they are ready made cakes in which businesses can buy i am sure anyone can buy them.


Thanks for the comment!

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