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Oui oui, I have made the executive decision to cancel my JolieBox subscription. Although JolieBox (formally Boudoir Privé) has been, for me, the most pleasing beauty box available, I have decided I could do with saving that £10 a month and put it to better use. Namely not on products I neither need or want.
I'm not going to lie, this months selection was actually really good. Items included a full size mascara from Bellápierre, a hair product, some cleanser, some cream and some nice coconut oil stuff. But alas, I am so apathetic towards the whole Beauty Box craze now that I really cannot be bothered to write about it in more detail! I will however, review the individual products if I feel that they warrant being written about. I've already tried the mascara and it's pretty average though! 
What do you think about the whole Beauty Box thing now? At the start I really did get bitten by the bug and absolutely loved the idea, but alas it has become boring and the novelty has certainly worn off for me.

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  1. I feel like the craze has gone now - at first I was thrilled with the idea of different products landing on my doorstep once a month, but now I neither want or need products that I'll think "Oh that's nice" and never use, or use the whole sample and can't afford to buy myself the full size.
    Never mind - it was a great idea while it lasted but now it seems like a waste of £10 I can put towards something I want.
    Sam x

  2. I've spent SO much on beauty boxes, mainly glossy box and joliebox, was subbed to both from the start, but after the March glossybox I unsubbed, and am now going to unsub from joliebox. While I have discovered a few nice products from them, it definitely wasn't worth all the money I've spent between the two. I am now getting a new phone and the £23 I would have spent on beauty boxes every month will be going towards that instead! x

  3. I still love the boxes although I've cut down on how many I get. My favs are amarya and joliebox (although I preferred it when it was Boudoir Prive) x

  4. It's really interesting that you feel this fad is already in the descendent.

    I have subscribed to most of the available boxes for the last few months, and at first was really excited by the concept (and obviously the monthly packages). However I am wondering if this service provides much more than novelty, and whether I would not be better off taking £50 to Space NK once a month (not that it would go far) and spending it on things which, as you say, I know I want and will use.

    I wonder if any of the brands offering this service will attempt to diversify in order to offer something 'more' that will encourage long-term subscribers, or whether they are content to capitalise on attracting a constant wave of new subscribers, as well as those who will sometimes pay for one-off monthly subscriptions for 'special themed boxes'.

    I did always wonder why none of the big beauty distributors did their own beauty box, maybe they saw the lack of longevity with this type of product / service.

    Personally I have a juvenile fear of missing out, so I will probably keep all my subscriptions until the services stop running...


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