Olive Oil Replenishing Pak

My hair is possibly the driest hair you may ever encounter, it always has been. I’ve dyed it since I was about 13 as my natural colour is that yucky shade of browny dark blonde that you probably won’t see around much, as it’s such a grim shade probably everyone who has it naturally dyes it out. I’ve been every colour going from pink, blue, black and blonde. When I was old enough to realise that all those colours made me look absolutely ridiculous I started to stick to red. I think most shades of red suit me, but the darker ones tend to get the most compliments (although the lust for having bright ginger/orange hair still burns strong! one day….one day) I’ve not had a hair cut for pushing 2 years now as I refuse to pay for something that someone will more than likely do wrong. So I’ve been trimming the split ends off myself. It still looks rough though and tends to resemble an orange chimpanzee without products in it.I’ve tried pretty much most things on the market, but then when perusing the stand in Boots aimed at hair of the Afro Caribbean variety I noticed they were all aimed at brittle, dry and over processed hair; which mine undoubtedly is.
 I picked up the Olive Oil Replenishing Pak (along with another conditioner I will review at a later date) it was only 92p so I figured it was worth a go. All the products in this area were actually a really reasonable price. 
 I left it on my hair for 10 minutes with heat and then about 45 minutes without. Washed it off and dried it with the hairdryer. I have probably dried my hair with the dryer around 3 times in the past 6 months and the condition has improved somewhat, alas a lot of my hairs damage is already unrepairable so I’m making do until it’s long enough to risk the hairdressers.
I’ve taken a picture of the ingredients list for anyone interested, things like this may as well be a foreign language to me. But I know Olive Oil is good for your hair in general. The product itself smells lovely. It’s not a sweet smell, kind of a natural but not herby smell. I’m finding it hard to name something it can be compared to. The consistency of the treatment is slightly runnier than I expected but didn’t drip a lot during the time it was on. When I washed it out my hair felt incredibly silky and smooth and when my hair was still wet it did seem a lot softer. However, when I dried my hair (once again using the hair dryer) it seemed to result in the exact same appearance. My hair always looks pretty ‘fluffy’ and this made no difference to that. However, things like this treatment don’t usually make a difference to my hair until the following wash. I figure it’s because I get bored washing products out and must leave traces in that continue to work their magic. So we shall see how that goes. I can report that I had a reduction in breakages and didn’t malt quite as much when I brushed it afterwards and it has appeared more affective than other intensive conditioning treatments I have tried. Conclusion: Worth a go for under £1!