Rekorderlig Orange and Ginger Cider

What better surprise could you have off the post man than an entire box of a new, exciting flavour of cider? And that's exactly what I received last week after winning a competition directly from Rekorderlig on Twitter. I was pretty overwhelmed that I won, I absolutely love ginger flavoured things, especially if they're new (and it was a slight Brucey Bonus that it was alcoholic too!)
 I've tried lots of ciders before, and been quite disappointed at times. It seems a lot of cider companies are rushing out these new flavours without actually thinking about it. A lot seem to be just basic cider with an after taste (the flavoured Magners varieties for example). Rekorderlig seem to stand out in the cider world for me though, they have released a few flavours I've really liked in the past and I remember even trying one you heated up like mulled wine last year! Their sweeter flavours are also more suited to my tastes as they're not sickly sweet like Kopperberg tends to be, don't get me wrong, I like that too but after one bottle I am done! 
 The ABV per bottle is 4% which is perfect for some summer drinking times, if only I had this when we had the mini heatwave the other week! It would have been ideal; lounging in the garden with an ice cold cider. 
The taste is really not what I expected. I did expect it to taste a little bit more like the Crabbies Limited Edition Orange flavour, but it didn't. This was very subtle in the ginger taste, which was nice. It didn't burn my throat like ginger flavoured things can. The orange is the more dominant flavour as opposed to a cider taste, but it's like a orange blossom kind of vibe, not Jaffa Cakes or anything. It's just so refreshing! In fact, I may have to have a little sample of one again now to reassure me of the taste....  
I've also just realised that this post makes me sound like a raging binge drinker with all this cider name dropping and craving for another bottle. I can assure you am I not and drinking in moderation is what it's all about mmmkay? 

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  1. Totally agree with you that some cider companies just fail when they try to introduce new flavours. Magners original isn't exactly a winner in the first place - the berry one they released it probably the best so far. Anyway. YAY NEW REKORDERLIG FLAVOURS! Cider is my drink of choice so this excites me haha. Loving your food/ drink posts btw. Jesus, long comment or what?!

  2. Great review, sounds like such a nice flavour. I love Rekorderlig's strawberry and lime flavour - tastes just like juice! Think i'll be picking a bottle of this up when I see it x

  3. I'm not really a cider girl, but I think the bottle looks quite nice and it sounds such a yummy flavour!


  4. I love the Strawberry and Lime one from Rekorderlig. But my all time favourite is the Mixed Fruit Kopparberg!

    joanne from

  5. Oooh this sounds delicious! I love Rekorderlig!



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