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I've not done any food or drink posts for a while and even though I am busy as sin this week, I thought I'd let you know what is keeping me going. I'm not a big fan of the regular energy drinks, in fact the thought of the smell of Red Bull makes me want to gag. It reminds me too much of 1st year at uni! But when I discovered Rockstar energy drinks with their wonderful flavours, I've become a massive lover of my caffeine sugar high in a can. (I suppose 15 hour shifts helps this new found love)
The flavour of this particular one is Blueberry, Pomegranate and Acai. It's wonderful. Unlike Relentless energy drinks you don't have that underlying taste of Red Bull-ness. It's just nice fruit. And they certainly keep me awake and make my brain go ''weeooaaahhhh'' for a while. I wouldn't have more than one a day, or on days I wouldn't need to, but the taste is so good I'm often tempted. The 'punched' version is also amazing. I must say I have read online about a Coconut flavour Rockstar, but I've yet to find it anywhere! And boy, have I searched. If anyone see's it for sale Holla at me IMMEDIATELY. These bad boys are currently on offer in Asda for £1.

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  1. Blueberry [I'm ignoring the rest of the ingredients] energy drink sounds phenomenal! I will deffo check this out because caffeine highs is what I live for right now. Have you tried Monster? That's my go-to at the moment.

    1. Yes I've tried monster, I much prefer the Rockstar range though!

  2. I hate Red Bull as well, ever since my friend and I made soup noodles and she poured a bit into the soup 'for a laugh', nearly hurled...

    1. That sounds sick ..... not in a good way.


Thanks for the comment!

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