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This week I decided I finally needed to get myself back to the opticians after putting off my scheduled eye test for over 2 years. For the whole of my adult life I've had to wear glasses/contact lenses to see and they have progressively become worse as the years have gone by. They started off at around a -2 when I was 16 and now 10 years later they're a -6. Every time I go they're worse! Specsavers currently have an offer on glasses as 2 for 1 and I'm ever so inpatient so didn't want to wait up to 10 days ordering them from elsewhere.
 It took me the best part of an hour choosing some glasses. I wanted some that were a bit different but not too ironic. Even though part of me would love to rock some Timmy Mallet-esque frames I feel I would look a bit silly. 
I didn't bother with thinner lenses as the plastic frames are going to be my 'main pair' (even though I never wear my glasses, I always stick to contacts) and the metal frame my back up one. There's a slight issue with this though, as the lenses are so thick they won't close properly! The plastic ones are absolutely fine though, which is good because they're my favourite. Now, are you ready for some gratuitous posing in my new glasses?! You better be, butter bean!
 Should of photoshopped out a few of my spots really, thanks to the moisturiser from this months Joliebox I've broken out in spots harder than a breakdancer at a disco. Anyway, the focus is the specs, right? From the side it emphasises the thickness of the lense even more, they're a bit like goggles really!
 I also didn't go for that glare coating stuff. As you can tell by the reflection from the window eradicating my actual eyes. I like the colour of these ones, I thought the purple would clash with my hair but it doesn't too much.
Do you wear glasses? Do you get endlessly annoyed that you have to PAY just to SEE? I certainly do. Although these two were on offer and I paid £69 altogether, I still feel really hard done by, as without glasses I really wouldn't be able to do much. It's really not like paying for the dentist and stuff, I can function without teeth, but without my glasses/contacts how would I be able to put my make up on? Yes, I'm very vain.

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  1. I've worn glasses since I was 3, my sight is -10 and it costs me around £200 for one pair!! It really annoys me that I have to bankrupt mysf to be able to see! Jam jars is an understatement!

  2. Really like the glasses- they suit you :) my boyfriend rang me up in despair yesterday saying he has got to get reading glasses so I shall let him know about the 2 for 1 offer!! xx

  3. You actually look really nice with these glasses! I sympathise about being a contactlover; seriously, how do people apply makeup with glasses?! I can't see my own hand without lenses, yet alone products! My current pair of glasses have been updated twice and I've worn them around 15 times at most in a year, says it all x

  4. oh and the cost of lenses makes me grateful my parents are so lovely to me!

  5. I'm a contact/glasses wearer and it is a pain in the butt! There's nothing worse than eye makeup fall out getting in your eyes while wearing contacts :(

  6. I'm pretty sure the red / purple pair are the same as I had last year from specksavers........

  7. I've been wearing glasses for a decade now, the amount of money spent on them could've gone towards many, many useful things like a LOST boxset or maybe uni fees. Although the cheapest glasses I've ever had were from Hong Kong (where pretty much everybody wears glasses), I got a bitchin' thick black pair for the equivalent of a tenner. So er yeah if you're ever in hong kong... haha xx

  8. I pretty much always wear glasses apart from special occasions/nights out etc when I'll wear contacts and my sight isn't that bad but yeah I think it's ridiculous that you need to pay to be able to see :/


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