Sticky Notes

What do girls love more than a cute note pad? Oh that’s right, cute sticky notes. Like every one, I adore good stationary. I have an abundance of blank note books all to precious to be used, as I’m sure we all do. If you don’t do this, what is wrong with you? Haha.
 I spotted these ‘blog posts sticky notes’ on my recent escapade to London. They were in Liberty. I’d never been in the Liberty shop before and I wanted everything. And I mean, literally, EVERYTHING. Even the building itself was amazing. I had to curb the urge though before I found myself in even more financial ruin so narrowed my purchases down to just one thing (yes I know, one things SUCKS, but I’m quite proud I managed to do this from the piles of stuff I was carrying around with me!) 
 They’re published by Chronicle Books which means they get extra cool points in my opinion. Chronicle always publish the best books around, has anyone ever read Ernie? If you like cat’s you’ll like Ernie!
And for an extra touch of awesome they have a keyboard printed on the other side. Cute huh? I don’t want to think about how long it will take me to actually remove the wrapping and use these, it could be a very long time.