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I absolutely love the packaging and style of Stila products, but in Boots they're a little expensive for my pocket. So imagine my utter delight when I spotted them in TK Maxx, in little packets containing 3 products for £7.99! In Boots you can expect to pay £7 plus for one product so to obtain 3 is a mega bargain.
 I've been eyeing them up for a while but in each pack they had 2 things I'd use in and one I just wouldn't touch... Or 3 very similar products. So I was a bit naughty and swapped one of the things out of one pack for the moisturiser, I just don't need 3 lip products, sorry. It's not like I was stealing or anything though as they were all the same value of goods inside! Shhh don't tell anyone.
 I was particularly intrigued by the moisturiser, I hadn't seen this before. But it was for dry skin and it smells just like the Benefit b.right moisturiser! Which is promising as that is my favourite one at the moment but I can't afford the full size pot. I have high hopes for this!
 The next product is a cheek and lip cream in 'petunia'. I love cream blushers and this is the perfect colour. I also like how it has a little mirror in too. It's really creamy and easy to blend although a touch drying on the lips. Also the packaging is just so cute.
 And finally there was a long wearing lip colour in 'coquette'. It's a lovely soft pink shade with a touch of a brown hue. It's really soft and moisturising, I think it's my new favourite ever. But I'm fickle like that.
 Over all an amazing little selection for a mere £7.99. It's a great way to introduce yourself to Stila products and although these are possibly old or imported lines (as the packaging and products are slightly different than the current range in Boots) you're still getting the same high quality, amazing products.

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  1. Your posts never fail to make me laugh!
    I'm liking the look of Tk Maxx lately, I think I need to go spend some more money in there soon!

  2. Bargain! I need to get to TK Maxx soon. Is this from Hanley city centre?

  3. haven't seen any skincare products in my local TK MAXX... you must be lucky to get a moisturiser!

  4. I love Tk Maxx bargains ...swapping out seems like a gd idea to me :)

  5. Bargain! I really want that cheek and lip cream. My TK Maxx isn't very good though, so I haven't got high hopes for finding any Stila items!

  6. Everything u got is so nice!! I never seem to find anything good in TK Maxx xxx

  7. Really like your reviews on this blog, I think I am going to take a trip to TKMAXX tomorrow as that is a fantastic deal, the blusher looks really nice.

  8. I wish there was a TKMaxx near me, this is a really good bargain! My boots doesn't sell stila either, I wish it did!

  9. ohhh The blush looks amazing and I love the packaging x

  10. Fab bargain! Must have a look and see if I can find these! x

  11. Oh that blush is fecking gorgeous!

  12. This is such a bargain. I'm going to try to call in there tomorrow, but my closest store is really small! I love that blush. x

  13. BARGAIN. What TkMaxx was it? Never look for make up or skincare think I will next time in in there xx

    1. This was from Hanley, Stoke on Trent. But I have spotted them in Manchester last week and the Crewe one today so seem like quite a regular line that they keep having in nationwide at the moment!

  14. I love the fact T K Maxx has Stila in for so cheap. I actually got a similar set of 3 Stila items for £7.99 yesterday from T K Maxx although the selection there isn't so good (I got a lip shine and mascara I love but the concealer I knew would be far too dark, but £7.99 for two good Stila products I felt was fair).

    I've seen other sets in there too but they often contain a foundation and concealer as two of the items, and I'm too light for any of the shades :( It's very hit and miss whats in there though, but I do love a bargain.

    - Rhi xx


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