Topshop ‘Face’ Make Up Kit

During my occasional rants about Topshop, people have often recommended their make up. I’ve been intrigued about it but obviously due to my utter disdain for the store I never actually took the time to have a browse. However, this weekend I was feeling frivolous so battled my way through the grotesque garments and shit to the make up stand. I went with the view to maybe purchase either a blusher or a lipstick….
 …I spotted this little kit though which contained both lipglosses and blushes and only cost £8. As the blusher alone was £6 and around the same price for a lipstick I thought this would work out for the best for all round value.
 I will admit, I do like the overall design of the packaging. It’s quite quirky yet simple. My main issue though was the fact they stuck a massive security sticker over the back which took a while to get off and still caused damage to the box. I know this is only a little thing but it niggled me somewhat.
Inside we have 4 eyeshadows, 2 lipglosses, a blusher and a applicator which enables you to apply the eyeshadow and lip stuff…. But what to apply the blusher with? That sucks a bit that a little brush wasn’t included. The applicator for the eyeshadow and lip gloss provided was pretty poor quality too. However, the make up products themselves are of reasonably good quality. I did expect the blusher to be the cream formula not the powder though, as when I tested the blushers on the stand they were all creamy so why is this a powder? The tone is slightly too pink for me too so I need to be extra light when putting it on. The eyeshadows are highly pigmented but not the easiest to blend in, which resulted in a very bold result. The best part of the whole set is the lip gloss and the packaging. The lip gloss doesn’t dry my lips out completely and can last the best part of 3 hours. It’s a good set for ‘on the go’ but not one I would be purchasing again. Each thing is nice individually though but when I tried it all at once I resembled a clown. It would be nice if there were a range of palettes in different shades for different skin tones too. I’m afraid to say this hasn’t altered my opinion on Topshop whatsoever. Woe is me.