Waitrose Baby Body Butter

A few weeks ago I blogged about Waitrose’s Baby Bottom Butter; a thick balm like substance which had been hailed on beauty forums far and wide for a good year or two now. I know for me, the formula of that can be slightly too greasy to use as a face cream so I tend to only use it in ‘dabs’ here and there when I have a dry patch (on my face, not my bottom), and it was brilliant when I got caught by the sun a few weeks ago too. I then discovered they did an incredibly similar product in a tube, I swatched it in the store and it was a much more cream like product, perfect for the face! Sorry babies.
 The ingredients vary slightly from the original Baby Bottom Butter, it seems to contain all the key ingredients of the butter though, in fact but with a few things added in. The smell isn’t quite the same either. This one smells more of chamomile than vanilla, like the butter does.
 The cream itself is still pretty thick, very creamy but absorbs quite well. I imagine some people would find it slightly greasy but like I said, it is no where near the levels of grease one would encounter when using the bottom butter. A little bit goes a very long way.
I’ve been using it as a facial moisturiser mainly but it’s delicate to use anywhere (it is meant to be for babies after all) On the face it’s quite nice and a pretty good base for make up. In fact, I would liken it slightly to Benefit The Porefessional a little bit! Not too much though as The Porefessional is a whole different level of cream/primer/magic good stuff. But if you tried this you might *GET* what I’m implying. It retails for a fraction under £3 and you can find it with all the baby stuff in your local Waitrose store.