What's This? Baobab and Aloe Ferox

'What This? Baobab and Aloe Ferox' drink is one of those products I've purchased out of sheer curiosity. I mean, what the baobab is a baobab?? After a quick google image search, I can confirm that a baobab is a rather dry and 'orrible looking fruit that is not only unappetising to look at but tastes pretty grim too.
Don't get me wrong, the little carton is cute and I'm all for a drink that's going to give me a boost of goodness. But when it tastes like this I could happily throw it in the bin (like I did in the end). It's not too unpleasant at first. The initial taste is fairly sweet, but then it has these horrid lumps in it and the most grotesque after taste in the world; like actual rotten fruit.
I'm guessing the pleasant bit I tasted was just the apple juice from the look of the ingredients. The rest just made me pull a screwed up sour face for around 10 minutes. I did pop it in the fridge and try it again too, because drinks always taste better when colder. Alas this did not.
So, 'What's This?'.... Well, it's a really gross drink you should probably save spending your money and curiosity on. If you do want to sample the taste of grim, you can pick some up from Harrods (lah-de-dah) for £1.75 in the chilled section of the food market bit.

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  1. this sounds vile! It's annoying how companies can make us splash the cash because of cute packaging!

  2. I'll stick to M&S's vanilla smoothie then x

  3. How strange! Why on earth would they produce a drink that tasted of rotten fruit? Think I'll be passing on this. =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  4. That just sounds horrible! I will definitely not be trying this!

    I have nominated you for a versatile blogger award, please check my blog for the details




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