Body Shop Monoi Miracle Oil

I bought this Body Shop Spa Wisdom Polynesia Monoi Miracle Oil the other week during my little Cheshire Oaks Splurge. Since dip dying my hair the ends are what’s technically known as ‘fooked’. Although saying that they don’t look as bad as they did when it was all one colour (I don’t think so anyway!) I’m sure I read about the Body Shop Monoi somewhere and it was compared to the ever popular Moroccan Oil, but I might have dreamt it, anyway, here’s what I think of it.

 After trying the Body Shop Beautifying Oil and finding that it really wasn’t for me I don’t know why I was so drawn to this. At £10 it was initially very pricey for something I wasn’t sure about, but as it was an outlet I got 40% making the price a more affordable £6. I took to plunge and purchased it, it just smelt so good.

 You can use the oil for your hair or skin. I kind of don’t like using oils on my skin but a few drops in the bath is really amazing. I did however, put a little too much of this in my bath and I could still feel a lot of the residue on my skin afterwards. I would suggest maybe 2-3 drops rather than the 3-4 squeezes I put in. But regardless of that it really did make my skin feel and look softer afterwards. I also used it as a pre wash treatment for my hair. It doesn’t tell you to do this on the bottle but I have found when using oils if you apply a generous amount around half an hour before washing your hair it provides the best results, as when applying afterwards it is so easy to accidentally put too much on and end up looking like a grease ball. It worked a treat and my hair was notably softer afterwards.

I compared the ingredients list to that of the beautifying oil (also because a few on the previous post asked for the ingredients list) and there are some differences, the monoi oil is a lot shorter for starters. It makes sense that the formula varies as the beautifying oil really wasn’t for me. It kind of dried my skin out and was way too heavy for my hair and even the smallest amount looked horrible. The beautifying oil is much more suited for the pre shampoo idea I have suggested. The monoi oil however, is pretty good at any time in your hair really. But once again, like most oils it is so easy to accidentally go over board!
The monoi oil bottle is a generous 150ml size, so will last a good while. It is worth investing in if you can find a outlet store offering a discount or if you buy online now and use the code MAY40 at the checkout you can get 40% off and free delivery. I probably wouldn’t spend the full £10 on it though. However, it might be worth comparing to Morrocan oil if you have used it before (I haven’t) and see if you can save yourself £20 by replacing it with this! I really do like the idea of oils as they can be so versatile and often come as a multi use product which kind of rationalises the price of some. But for £6 it’s alright, I’d possibly pay that much for a conditioning treatment anyway and this is a bathing and moisturising product too. 
 Have you tried these oils? What do you think?
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