Copella Pink Apple Lemonade

I’m not actually sure if this is a *new* product or not, but it’s certainly new to me. Copella are renowned for their apple juices, they always remind me of actual apple pie. So when I spotted this little twist on the classic plain apple variety I just had to try it; it looked ideal for this ridiculously sunny weather we’re having lately.

 I quite like pink lemonade as a whole, I think it’s one of those drinks everyone tends to forget about but then when they rediscover it they’re like ‘wooaaah pink lemonade is the best!’ (well, that’s what I do anyway) it generally comes in a few varieties which tend to be a fizzy version, in flavours like raspberry or cranberry, y’know, usually red fruits to provide the pinkness. So an apple pink lemonade is a little bit odd, but the pink comes from the raspberries which are included in the ingredients.

The drink is best served ice cold, it’s so tart and tangy it’s a little too sweet to stomach at room temperature. If you’re thinking ‘well, duh, it’s a chilled juice drink’ you’re right. I just forgot to put it in the fridge when I got home then remembered to try it. It’s a nice twist for a summer day but it’s just a little too tangy for my taste buds I’m afraid. It’s literally like sucking a lemon to me! Although a rather pleasant flavour over all I will play it safe and stick to my favourite from the Copella line in the form of Apple and Elderflower in future.

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