Houmous and Falafel

My quest for tasty packed lunches continues this week with Asda’s finest offerings. Once when I was working in Manchester at a Crafts Fair, for a week I lived on Bagel Nash and their fancy pants Houmous and Falafel bagel. It was a taste sensation. Every now and again I fancy it but alas in Stoke the most exotic lunch time eatery we have is Subway. 

 Asda have quite a range of houmous in their fridges from roasted red pepper (vomit) to peri peri (yum). The Bombay Houmous was one I hadn’t notice before (probably because it’s new d’uh) so thought I’d give it a go, I expected it to taste like Bombay mix or perhaps a Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodle. It’s Bombay flavour after all.

 The consistency is a lot chunkier than regular houmous, when I was spreading it I actually got a little bit excited thinking it had peanuts in. Alas, they were simply chickpea’s which had been left whole. It was full of spices and things and tasted fairly nice. It’s nothing special but has a slightly mild flavour with a mini hit of spice. Oh, and tastes nothing like Bombay mix or the pot noodle.

 I picked up some Carrot and Coriander Falafels for my bagel adventure too. I’ve had these before and although they taste fairly bland they’re not too bad on a sandwich/bagel when served with something else. I wouldn’t pay more than a £1 for them though. If I was going to pay more for falafel I’d just get the Cauldren ones which are tasty business.

So my serving suggestion is to grab yourself a Marks and Spencers sesame seed bagel. They are possibly the best bagels I have ever sampled in my life. Not as dense as the New York bagels or Tesco own. Pop the houmous and falafel (sliced) on with some cucumber, spinach and gherkin. It’s the best thing that I’ve eaten this week (for lunch, I eat a lot).
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