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Hello hello hello. I have like, a day to decide what outfit I will be wearing to the iFabbo Blogger convention in London this weekend. This weather totally throws me out of my comfort zone and I literally have no idea what to wear. In Stoke this in fine, but in LANDAN I wanna look a bit more 'trendy' which is hard when you haven't got a clue what's 'in'. For a pseudo Fashion Blogger I'm not exactly a trend follower or setter I'm afraid. Today I had a mini shopping spree and just wondering which of these outfits would be good.... The area's I am most concerned about are my flubber upper arms and my Beyonce ass, which doesn't bode well for this weather. Also ignore my face/hair just got in from work/shopping!
 Actually, I think looking at it like this is definitely one of the first two. But I really don't know. I like the look of the 'bralette' thing when I'm standing up but when I'm sitting down my belly kind of pudges out. Will it even be sunny in London at the weekend? Oh I just don't know. The labels are still on everything by the way so let me know! Quickly! Haha. Also is anyone else going? AND is anyone else having trouble with uploading pictures to their blog? It keeps telling me my Picasa account is nearly full but when I go on it it says it isn't?!
Also picked up this amazing beaded collar necklace from Primark for £4! I've been after one for YEARS but I'm too tight to splash out more than a fiver. Collar necklaces are so versatile and can make the most boring outfit instantly look awesome.

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  1. I like the first one the best,i think it would look lovely with a statement necklace or earrings x

  2. I vote the first one!
    My photos keep uploading with weird red and blue lines across them...? Stupid Blogger!


  3. I guess the first one too? But I do like the bralette a lot! Ah, it makes me stress out about what I am gonna wear.. should probably do laundry aswell haha

  4. I vote the first one as well! Where is that maxi skirt from? It is gorgeous!

  5. The first outfit is gorgeous! xx

  6. I really like the second outfit! :)
    Natalie xx

  7. I really like the second outfit, but if you are worried about being uncomfortable sitting down, go for the first option. I hate feeling uncomfortable, it always ruins my day.

  8. I like the second outfit :) Hope you have a fab time x

  9. I vote the second one. The purple in the bralet ties in nicely with the skirt. I have to say that bralet is absolutely stunning! :)

  10. Definitely first or second! I love the colour clash of the first but the purple-y bralet goes well with the skirt. Buttttt I look like a twat most of the time so er, go with what everyone else says :D

  11. The colour combination of the first outfit is absolutely stunning! xo

  12. I vote 2nd! Love it =)
    Have fun!

  13. woah where's that skirt from it's GAWG!
    :) www.thepulseoffashion.blogspot.com


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