iFabbo Outfit

Last week I posted asking for some advice on what outfit I should wear to the iFabbo UK Conference Event. Thanks for all the feedback, you lot are ace! In the end though I didn’t wear either of the new tops I purchased to go with my new skirt though! Luckily I left the label on one so might take it back if I get round to it. Instead I played it a bit safer and went for my new favourite top I got a few weeks ago that seems to go with everything.

 Yup, I’m posing in the garden for a change. I feel like the caption for this should be, like ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ or something… I had SO many compliments on my new Maxi Skirt. For everyone that’s asking (and there’s been quite a few of you!) it was from New Look and cost £14.99, bargain right? (I think it’s this one on the website) I tried on a pleated jersey one in Primark which was no where near as nice and that would of set me back £12 if I hadn’t of found this.

 I absolutely LOVE these shoes from Primark and have been eyeing them up for a while. They remind me of Liberty designs and I like the contrast detail. They were so comfy at first but after walking for miles in London and developing quite hot and sweaty feet they resulted in blisters! I’m not going to blame the shoes though as they’re too pretty.

 I really like blocking colours, although I hate being ‘colourful’ I do find that a lot of the time I unintentionally clash but (hopefully) manage to pull it off. The top was from TK Maxx and although it cost more than I would of liked (£16) it’s paid for itself 10 times over, it’s the perfect material for hot sunny days.

I’ll finish with a whimsical image of our over grown lawn, I love a good bit of colour saturation, don’t you?!

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