Jubilee Macaroons

If you're a regular reader of my blog then you will know of my endless love for macaroons. I think I just love them so much because they're so pretty in appearance, quite hard to come by and when you do they're  darn pricey. I absolutely loved when Marks and Spencers sold mini macaroons at christmas in the party food section, and even more pleased now that they have carried them forward into being a regular line. I went in yesterday just to purchase some as I had a craving but then spotted these bad boys instead;
Yup, Marks and Spencers have bought out some limited edition Jubilee themed Macaroons. And how amazing is the packaging design? Such a nice concept and not the typical union jack/red, white and blue theme. If this isn't praised on a design blog somewhere I will be very surprised.
 The macaroons come in 3 flavours- dark chocolate, salted caramel and praline. They're really nicely presented and are coated in silver, bronze and gold colouring. They actually look too good to eat!
 One the inside they have a lovely thick layer of filling. I think my favourite is the salted caramel. I don't usually like dark chocolate but these are so delicious and light they don't have that overly bitter taste dark chocolate is known for. They're only little but just the right size for an afternoon treat with a cup of tea.
 I will definitely be purchasing some more, you can try them yourself for £3.49 at your local Marks and Spencers (that stocks food of course) and failing that they also sell packs of 12 mini macaroons for £4.99 which I strongly recommend, they're delicious. And whilst I'm on the subject of macaroons I forgot to post about these ones I got from Harvey Nic's the other week!
How pretty are those?! I forgot how much they cost but I can tell you they certainly were not as cheap as the Marks and Spencers ones and actually not as delicious either. The flavours ranged from Passion Fruit to Violet and although they were OK I probably wouldn't buy them again. What I would purchase again though would be this amazing Oreo cupcake!
Once again, from Harvey Nic's this is the most amazing cupcake I have tried in a while! It was a little pricey at £2 but the sponge was melt in your mouth amazing and the frosting had Oreo crushed up in it, it was amazing. A fine rival for my beloved Red Velvet from the Hummingbird Bakery!
That went off on a little bit of a tangent at the end huh?! Hands up who's hungry now!

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  1. I need to try these. They really do look too good to eat. X

  2. I got the Jubilee macarons too - yummy x

  3. I've never tried a macaroon!!!

  4. Oh im defiantly going to purchase some of thoes at some point! xx

  5. Oh man I'm making a trip to M&S tomorrow. I really want to attempt to make macaroons...infact I'm making it this month's goal!
    I love the packaging, it makes a nice change from all the red, white and blue shit that's being shoved down my throat everywhere. xx

  6. omg all those look amazing! You make me hungry!!

  7. Salted caramel sounds amazing! Definitely going to pick a box of these up next time i'm near M&S - I loved the mini ones they did x

  8. mmm your making me hungry, they look amazing, i think macaroons are so worth the money, i purchased some in laduree in london and they were so dam yummy they were worth it xx

  9. I too share your love for macaroons. These M&S ones look lovely, agree with you about the design, so sleek, and great to not see the tiresome blue, red and white theme x


  10. I have to go to m&s...now!!

  11. They look so cute, I know I've said this before but I just love your food posts! You seem to find the nicest things! One of the supermarkets here stocks a french brand of macaroons, they're about $10 for 12 small ones which isn't bad really!


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