A Lidl Bit of Goodness

Just excuse me a second whilst I stop chuckling at my witty pun of a title there….*cough, here we go…. I made an impromptu stop off at Lidl yesterday, cheating on my beloved Aldi for my cheap goodness. I was perusing around and I spotted this Cien Olive Oil Moisturising Cream for £1.99.

 Whenever I see the brand name Cien it always makes me think of the french word for ‘dog’ so always puts me off slightly. But I thought this looked pretty interesting anyway, I needed a new moisturiser and with the fact this was helping to prevent the premature signs of ageing, I made the purchase.

I’ve used it at as a base for my foundation today and I’ve got to say I LOVE IT. It’s left my complexion so dewy and fresh looking all day and my skin feels incredibly soft. It hasn’t broken me out in spots (granted it’s the first day of use but it usual erupts a few by now if it’s gonna happen) I was concerned the olive oil element would be too heavy for my spot prone skin, but it seems fine! Well worth the money I’d say.

The second thing I spotted was the ‘Suddenly Madame Glamour’ perfume. My friend actually pointed it out saying it was a dupe of Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle, I’m not going to lie I’ve not even spelt the Chanel perfume and this smelt a little like old woman to me at first. But, second day in and it’s totally grown on me. It’s a more mature scent than I usually go for. I like light, fruity smells. But this lasts all day and has a really lovely scent once it’s settled. And it costs £3.99! Bargain for a perfume really, I’ve paid more for ones that just smell of rat piss. I know it’s done the rounds on the blogs a few weeks a go, so sorry if I’m a bit behind the times with that one!

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