Marks and Spencers Limited Collection

I’ve always been aware that Marks and Spencers does Make Up but I’ve never actually looked at it, I always assumed it would cost just as much as *actual* make up brands/products so didn’t see the point. The other day though, I noticed they had a new stand out containing ‘Limited Collection’ products, the first thing I noticed was the Nail Varnishes as they had loads of colours that (to quote Gok Wan) were ‘bang on trend’
I didn’t actually realise until I got to the checkout that they had a 25% off offer on the range, so took about half an hour deciding between two nail varnish colours only to find out I could of used that offer as an excuse to get them both! In the end I chose ‘leaf’ which is a lovely pastelly murky green shade (although looks slightly more blue on these images. I assure you it’s green though)
 I also picked up a blusher as I noticed the ‘Melba’ blush was a lovely rich pink tone with a kind of gold shimmer through it. I suppose best described as ‘rose gold’? Well, that’s what ones I’ve seen in a similar colour have been described as anyway.
The nail varnish is a quick dry one and really thick so not only dries quickly but you could also probably get away with only one coat if you’re a in a rush. It’s fairly good quality and only cost £3.50 (less 25% off at the moment) I’ve had it on for 2 days and it’s held well although has developed a few minor not very noticeable chips. The blusher is ever so slightly chalky but when applied is a really nice pigmented colour. This retails for £4 (once again, less 25% at the moment) and is a good quality for the price. I would recommend them as it’s always nice to try something new! Both products came in a variety of colours although I think I definitely chose the best ones!