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I've not really done a monthly favourites post before,  but earlier on I noticed I'd settled into an actual routine with my skin care and make up so thought I'd take the opportunity to lavish your eyes with the goods that have been covering up my previously spotty disaster zone of a face!
 First up, the skin care itself, I posted last week asking for some advice as some green tea extract capsules had made my spots flair up like a motherbitch. Anyway, I narrowed down my products and here is the winning combination. Washing my face with L'occitane red rice foaming cleanser, toning with the Body Shop's seaweed toner, then applying some Lacura wrinkle filler to my frowny forehead followed with Stila petal infusions moisturiser. I then dab on the trusty Nixoderm to any problematic little spotty wots.
 Then for the make up. As my skin is a very uneven tone with spots and dry patches (attractive) I need quite a full coverage base. At the moment I'm finding that 17 Miracle Matte foundation first with Beauty Benefits foundation for a concealer followed by a dusting of Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals is just amazing. It's a full coverage combo without making me look caked in make up!
 For the rest of my face I've been using Collection 2000 Shimmer and Shade for a dewy glow all over, then some Marks and Spencer blusher which is just the right touch of pink for me, this should last forever as a little goes such a long way. I then use 17 Liquid Liner which is possibly the best liquid liner for the price range ever followed by Soap and Glory thick and fast mascara - which I must say isn't the best mascara in the world, but I have so many I'm using up my least favourites for daily use. Oh and I can't go anywhere without my eyebrows which come in the form of Benefit Browzings in medium.
For my hair, it's really feeling the strain after I bleached the ends again the other day. I absolutely love the Aldi Miracle Oil. You can put loads in without it looks greasy and heavy. It's a really good serum regardless of it being a dupe of something else, in itself the product is great. I've also been using the Body Shop Monoi Oil as a pre shampoo treatment and it's awesome.
If you click on some of the product names I have linked to the ones I have wrote about previously! What are your essentials at the moment?
Oh, and just whilst I'm mentioning the Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals, they finally got back to me about how big the size of the new pot/product is.... Which is 2.5g.... How bad is that?!! They've taken away 12.5g of product and are charging the same price as before!! It used to be 15g and in a much better pot. You can read more about it by clicking here though.

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  1. As if they've actually taken away 12.5g of product! I don't even use Perfecting Minerals and I'm outraged!
    I seriously need to try this 17 foundation, it sounds really good.


  2. I like the idea of a seaweed clarifying toner! xo

    1. It came in a little set with the other seaweed face care, it's all really good.

  3. I wish we had collection 2000 in the us. Maybe we can swap sometime

  4. I haven't used any of these products before so it's great to hear your opinions on them :) love the sound of the 'petal infused' moisturiser by Stila. Also that's so cheeky of Collection 2000! xx


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