Mimi Spencer for Cargo

I’ve been eyeing up this little ‘6 in the bag’ set by Mimi Spencer for Cargo for a little while now. I remember getting a Cargo lipgloss in a Glossybox one month and it was pretty good! It was only a little one though so I used it up pretty quickly (and it’s very rare that I use up a make up product!)
 I think these must be over stock from Christmas, I’d seen the label for them in the Manchester Boots store months ago and they had sold out. They were reduced from £26 to £6.50. In a place like Stoke though a lot of people aren’t up on their more obscure make up brands so I guess that’s why Boots in Hanley still had a shelf full of them.
 It comes in quite a nice little black case that is perfect for travel (not like I travel anywhere, ever) but it feels like it’s good quality. It has a nice little note inside from ‘Mimi’ *note to self google to find out who the hell Mimi is, I’m soooo out of the la-hoop dah-lings. {she’s a fashion journalist btw}
 It’s so neatly packed. At first I was like IS THAT IT?? But then as I started to dig the stuff out it was one nice thing after another….
 Gah, sorry about the quality of this picture, my battery was dying, also all these images were taken in the same location/light so that probably explains the colour differences in each picture….. Anyway, this is by far my favourite thing in the whole set. It’s a called a ‘Cheek Activator’ and it came in the colour Rose Flush. I was eyeing this up on the stand on it’s own as they were selling a few bits full size separately. But alas, got this kit instead. What you squeeze out it a white creamy liquid, but as you rub it into your cheeks it turns into the nicest shade of pink I that has ever donned my FACE. The more you rub the pinker it gets! A little goes a very long way, I’m thinking I may treat myself to the full size of this bad boy.
 The next thing I was excited to try was the ‘Lash Activator’ which is apparently ‘proven to make your lashes look longer in just 30 days’. Obviously it’s been like, a day, so cannot comment on that part of it. But as a mascara alone it’s pretty good, comparable to Benefit They’re Real and I think it retails for around the same price.

 There were two things in the set that I kinda knew I wouldn’t be interested in. One was this eye pencil in the colour ‘mink’. I ALWAYS wear my trusty black liquid eyeliner, without a doubt, every day. So a brown eye pencil simply doesn’t appeal to me. However, being super savvy, like I am, I used it as an eyebrow pencil. And it’s perfect! It’s softer than regular eyebrow pencils so glides on with little effort and once it’s on, it is ON. I must have forgotten to take a picture of the lip liner, probably because I tossed it aside like yesterdays left overs. I did try it out of intrigue and looked terribly 80’s. But I’ll try and think of a use for it….

 The lipgloss needs little explanation really. I’m sure a lot of people reading this are Glossybox subscribers and may have tried this themselves already. The shade is a browny one, which isn’t as nice as the pinky one I got before. But it’s so long lasting for a gloss and not sticky at all. I like it. 
And finally we have the OneBase which is a concealer and foundation in one. Usually this wouldn’t excite me but after trying the Benefit Some Kind of Gorgeous which is a similar concept and really liking it, I think it’s a great product! I don’t think I’m quite ready to use it on it’s own as it’s just to cover ‘problem area’s’. My good friend, my entire face a problem area! Such a shit complexion. But it’ll be great in the summer or for ‘on the go’ as it’s so little yet once again a small amount of product goes a long long way.
Overall I am so glad I finally bought this! It’s literally been months of eyeing it up. For £6.50 you couldn’t go wrong really and some stuff is great as a ‘back up’ product and items such as the cheek activator are now amongst my favourite make up products. Huzzah.