Mini Cheshire Oaks Splurge

On Sunday I visited Cheshire Oaks, which is a nice little retail park in Ellesmere Port. I do love places like this as you can get stuff from the High Street at a discounted price, what I didn't love was being a little bit drunk still from my 18jagerbomb binge drinking session in Liverpool the night before. Feeling a little bit drunk still, I felt a bit more frivolous than usual.  The main thing I love about Cheshire Oaks at the moment is that there is now a Body Shop outlet which offers massive reductions on current and past Body Shop lines.
 It's quite an interesting pricing structure, if not confusing at first. Basically you can not buy just ONE item. Not in a OMG YOU SIMPLY MUST BUY MORE ITS ACE way, but in a yeah, you literally are not allowed to purchase one item, it has to be two or more. Which you might think is a bit daft... But.... If you purchase 2 items you immediately get 30% off the price, buy 3 it's 35% off and buy 4 and you get a whopping 40% off the whole transaction! How brilliant is that?
 I picked up some of the new Spa Wisdon Polynesia Monoi Miracle Oil. Which was on the shelf for £10, I thought that was a lot, but don't forget the discounnnttt! As you can tell its a dangerous game... I will do a separate post on this comparing it to the Body Shop Beautifying Oil I got the other week, the difference is pretty incredible. I also got a Tea Tree Face Mask as my skin is so awful right now. I didn't realise this was meant to be £9 at the time though, if I had I wouldn't have even picked it up and I didn't look at my receipt til I got home. I thought it was £4. Grrr.
 I picked up this little Seaweed Skin Care set too for ever terrible complexion. I wanted to try this as even though the Tea Tree skin care line from the Body Shop works for spots it dries my skin out something rotten so I'm hoping this will be a little better. And so far so good I must admit! Day 2 and I've already noticed an improvement.
And finally I picked up this Love Etc... Gift box. The price was originally £25. Reduced to £15 and THEN a further 40% off at the till. Meaning this cost something like £9. It smells so good. I never bother with Body Shop perfumes as before when I've had them they have smelt amazing at first but then developed a really musky weird smell after a few minutes, really horrible. But this doesn't do that and is such a sweet, fruity, but delicate fragrance.
I then went to Claires. I think a lot of people disregard Claires because it is a bit of a kiddies shop, but I've picked up some great buys from there in the past so always have a look in. Their nail varnishes are my current favourite bargain from the outlet stores.
 In the outlets of Claires in places like Cheshire Oaks and Freeport they offer you 30% off the high street price. Which means I picked up this little lot for about £11 I think, I lost the receipt. Blergh.
 As I'd been to Liverpool I had a hankering to buy more false eyelashes. I really like the look of these Katy Perry ones. They're about £8 in Boots but in Claires they were £7.50 with 30% off. 
 I got another Nail Varnish Set as the last lot I bought from Claires is really great. They're such good quality for such a cheap shop. This one cost £6 (I think) but once again with the 30% off came to around £4something.
 I got a cute little set of brushes because I wanted a new blusher brush for fitting into my make up bag and a brow brush too. I THINK this cost £2. It's good quality too with very soft bristles, but doesn't tell me on the packet what exactly they are made of. They don't feel plasticy like you would expect though and are perfect for what I wanted them for. And I also got a little set of Hello Kitty bobby pins because I've lost all of mine.
The last thing I treated myself too was a pair of 'every day' boots. My current favourite's are my brown brogue ankle boots but they are literally wearing away! I got these from Dune and they were originally £95! I paid £25 which is quite a bargain. They're a bit more chunky than I'm used to but comfortable and should go with anything. Also great for this rubbish weather we're having!
What have you done with your bank holiday weekend? 
I'll post some reviews up of individual products in the near future, maybe let me know which ones you're most interested to hear about so I can write them as a priority!?

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  1. You do realise that now I'm going to HAVE to go to Cheshire Oaks this week?! My bank balance is not my friend.

    1. Sorry!!! I should also add that in the body shop they have a card you can buy for £5 that entitles you to a FURTHER 10% off on purchases and you get a discount on that meaning it should of cost me £2.60, but being hungover and not thinking I didn't get one!! Kicking myself now.

    2. I very nearly went over today after uni! Might wait until after my deadlines now though and then really treat myself because then I'll feel like I "deserve it". It's more justifiable after a big deadline :D I'll definitely look into that discount card though! Thanks :) xx

  2. I love that Body Shop perfume, it's so nice :) got it for my mom for her birthday.
    And the Claire's polishes look like beautiful colours! xx

    1. It really lasts a while too! Quite unexpected for a 'cheap' perfume!

  3. I absolutely love Cheshire Oaks and my boyfriend has taken to pretty much dragging me past The Body Shop outlet because I turn into some crazed bargain hunter as soon as I go through the door. Such good discounts!
    Their seaweed range is my favourite, I've been using it for months and it's helped my skin so much - plus how cute is the tiny pot of moisturiser in that set? ha :) xx

    1. Its sooo cute! I really like it so far. Like I said, my skin seems to have improved over night with it. So hopefully shall continue to be good. I was intrigued by the seaweed primer as I've seen it compared to Benefit Porefessional and some say it's a lot better... hmmmm....

  4. I got a tiny handbag sized spritzer of that perfume and really liked it, amazing bargain too! I'm normally put off by Body Shop prices but this sounds like my type of place! And hangover shopping is so dangerous hehe xx

  5. Nail polish..........WANT. >.<

  6. I love cheshire oaks! Haven't been in the outlet village for ages! The seaweed range is really good I hear.

  7. Love your new body shop products! Omg 18 jagerbombs?? I have actually never had it but when I was a bartender I realised how popular they were..xx

  8. If the tea tree doesn't work out for you, try a product containing manuka honey, it is less astringent and the healing properties are higher in manuka than tea tree :) I personally find manuka gives better results

  9. Love cheshire oaks! cant believe I found someone on here who goes there, i live next to it! :D the katy perry lashes i love I have a set but too scared to use them.. :D

  10. I live not far for Cheshire Oaks now and love finding a bargain there! I have to admit, The Body Shop can be dangerous shopping ground with that discount! And you can use your love your body card for an additional 10% off too! The seaweed range should be good for you, I use that in the summer for my skin as it gets quite oily but the tea tree is too harsh for it.

    There is another make up shop there called The Cosmetic Shop (I think) where they sell overstock of make up at a discount, things like Este Lauder Double Wear for £18 instead of £26...not bargainlicious but not bad.


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