This week my skin has broken out into an absolute cluster of YACK.I have come to the conclusion that it is the doings of these Green Tea Extract Capsules I have been taking. I’ve had one a day for 2 weeks now and suddenly I’m getting these horrid under the surface type spots that are really painful and look disgusting. My theory is that they’re drawing all the crap to the surface thus causing the problem. I’ve never had problems with spots on my cheeks before, it’s usually hormonal ones around my chin and forehead, but this is a whole new level of ARGHHH. Anyway, until the green tea works it’s magic and anti-oxidises my soul does anyone have any skin saviours they can recommend to me in the meantime? Here is my current swag of spotty to hotty products:
Well, these are the ones I could find anyway. There’s tea tree oil, mauka cream, body shop seaweed products, vichy normaderm moisturiser, the dr brand blemish relief, starflower oil supplements and the trusty nixoderm, nixoderm is usually my saviour but even that is failing me at the moment (I strongly do recommend it though!). If you know anything about supplements could you shed a light on how long I’ll have this problem for? I understand with certain things to do with spots they get worse before they get better, but will it get better? Do I compromise the super powers of green tea for spots? Oh I just don’t know, share your miracle products! Oh and by the way, my skin isn’t greasy or oily, it’s possibly combination and I get the odd dry patch, which is so weird, also a pain as most spot products are aimed towards oily/greasy skin.