Poundland Bargain Hunt

I've a lot of love for Poundland, this is no secret. Today I have two awesome bargains for your to feast your eyes upon. The first is this Beauty Benefits oil free foundation. My mum was actually harping on about this discovery for a few weeks but I couldn't find it myself, until the other day when they must have taken delivery of a fresh batch of make up stock. This is the lightest shade they had out and there were about 3 colour variations to choose from.
 As you know I'm a bit of a spotty too hotty lately so I've been trying to adapt my make up routine accordingly. Although I am not using this as a foundation it is perfect as a concealer!
 The sponge in it is pretty useless. I've been using my Benefit Oxygen Wow foundation as a base, concealing with this using a brush and then finishing with Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals. It's a really great combo! And doesn't look caked up or heavy at all.
Because it's for acne prone skin it also seems to be making my spots clear up a bit faster too without drying my skin out. Awesome product for a mere £1!! Secondly I spotted this Collection 2000 Shimmer and Shade Blusher. I think there's going to be quite a bit of Collection 2000 stuff in the Pound Shops soon as they have rebranded their entire range to just being called 'Collection' I don't understand why. It just doesn't feel right referring to them as Collection! 
 I've seen some really good reviews of this about! So I was quite pleased that I waited and didn't pay the £4.99 retail price for it. I know this design is more of the limited edition one they had out a few months ago but it's still a lovely colour and I much prefer this design to the square one on the shelves at the moment, although it is missing the nice pinky shade.
 It's perfect for the summer as it has a slightly bronze hue about it and it's not too shimmery at all. It gives your complexion a really nice dewy look. It's easy enough to get the darker shade onto a brush to use as a blusher and then get a larger brush to dust the powder all around your face.
What do you think? Certainly can't go wrong for a pound each! And both of these products have quickly become every day essentials. I love a good bargain I do!

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  1. wow, that's such a bargain! I don't understand the whole 'Collection' thing either, it doesn't feel right not saying Collection 2000!

  2. You are such a bargain hunter, I love reading about your latest finds :)

  3. Oooh, some good bargains there. Need to check out the £ shops! It will always be collection 2000 to me! xx

  4. Wonderful finds and great bargains hun xx

  5. I always buy nail polish from Poundland :) The last tiem I got Rimmel and Revlon.
    I need to get some bargain makeup next time.

  6. Hey!
    Yeah I did all the design work on my blog myself, it was a bit of trial and error, and a massive throwback to my days as a myspace HTML geek! :)

    xxx www.peachtea.co.uk

  7. You are so good at finding bargains! Going to hunt again =)

  8. Love pound shop bargain hunting!!

    The Collection 2000 Shimmer & Shade is so good for all sorts of things! So far I've used it as a highlighter, a bronzer, and an eyeshadow :) Not bad for £1.

    P.S Please could you follow me at my new blog... www.laurasallmadeupbeauty.blogspot.co.uk ?

    My old blog completely got messed up and I had to delete it in the end.
    Thank you x


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