Sainsbury’s ‘Bolt’ Energy Drinks

I know what you’re thinking ‘Wow Terri Lowe, you drink a lot of energy drinks, how do you still have teeth and not have diabetes?!’ but I can assure you, I do not drink anywhere near the amount that this blog implies! I just like new stuff and energy drink flavours seems to be booming at the moment. I hadn’t yet noticed a Cherry and Blackcurrant or Strawberry & Kiwi variety, until now.

I must have walked past these several times and completely dismissed them as just being the regular home brand energy drinks that supermarkets do. The only reason I stopped to look was because I noticed the price was 50p. 50p for a home brand energy drink?! That to me sounded a bit much as Tesco sells them for 25p (last time I checked anyway) so I stopped and I looked and then I noticed the flavours….

The Cherry & Blackcurrant is a bit like a fruits of the forest gateaux but in a can. It’s a bit heavy and would be very sickly if it were any bigger in serving size. It was just right, probably not the best flavour for an energy drink in my opinion but I can see what they tried to do!

The Strawberry and Kiwi one was slightly more refreshing but you could just TASTE is was low calorie unlike the Cherry and Blackcurrant one. I have a very strong disdain for anything low calorie, I find them to have something missing (mainly the calories, I know) but there’s always something not quite right with the flavour. You always need to add extra seasoning if it’s food but I’m unsure what I could add to a drink apart from sugar haha. The taste was fairly pleasant in any case. You may think they are a good cheaper alternative to cans of energy drink like Relentless etc, but when you consider these cans are half the size and cost 50p and Relentless is usually on offer for a £1 it ends up costing you about the same price per ml. So in future I’m sorry to say that despite Sainsbo’s best attempt I probably won’t be buying them again. Boo hoo. Well, unless they release another new flavour then I just have to try it!

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