Waitrose Sweet and Spicy Dressing

I’m getting better at posting more regular food related posts aren’t I?! Lately I have been eating so much rubbish, especially since starting my new job. I am snacking constantly throughout the day and then eating pizza and burgers as meals when I get home. So knowing full well if I don’t sort it out I’ll end up a right big Bertha I’m finding some lovely things I could class towards healthy eating and what better way to spice up an ol’ salad than an interesting salad dressing.
 May I take this opportunity to introduce you to Waitroses’ Sweet and spicy Alphonso Mango, Chilli and Pineapple dressing. Even though I detest mango I still took a chance on this as it sounded so interesting. Salad dressing are the perfect way to make a salad less boring. And boring is certainly not what this is.
It’s got quite a kick to it, which regardless of it saying it was spicy I really wasn’t expecting! It’s not so spicy that you can’t eat it though and has the perfect balance of spice and actual flavour. There’s nothing worse than a spicy product being ruined by being overly hot. The sweetness of the pineapple and mango comes through but not in a sickly, syrupy way which I hate mango for being. It goes really well with chicken and rice and I’ve also used it on a sandwich for a bit of a twist. It was a taste sensation I tell thee. You can pick it up from your local Waitrose, but me being dopey have lost the receipt so cannot tell you how much you can expect to pay. It wouldn’t have been too pricey though as you know how tight I am!