(w)T(f)opshop Numero Trois

I almost didn’t write another (w)T(f)opshop post as I thought they’d be running a little thin, I mean, a major high street brand can’t possibly continue to create such vomtastic clothing on a weekly basis, right?….. WRONNNNGGGG. Check out these bad boys:
Bronze Snake Effect Bike Jacket – £175
For £175 I’d expect this shit to be made out of gold never mind bronze coloured. Or at least not make me want to vomit by just looking at it. I mean – what, who, when, why, would ANYONE want or wear this? It’s like Michael Jackson designed it, then even he realised it was a ridiculous idea. What would you wear this with? Your Gold Metallic Leggings perhaps? To complete the utterly rancid look?
Tassle Hem Faux Fur Gilet – £55
This has been a popular item for a few infamous bloggers over the past year or so…. Yet all I can think of when I see this is THIS:
Dip Dyed Denim Shirt £38
Number one; if I’m going to be conned out of £38 for a shirt, I at least want some sleeves. Number two; If I was going to buy a shirt, I do not want it to look like someone has been binge drinking macdonald’s milkshakes and puking up all over it. That is all.
Moto Premium Skull Jacket – £180
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA where to begin? Calm down Axl Rose, keep your denim jacket on. If this is what ‘premium’ is made of, I’ll stick to poundland thanks. I mean, who…WHO…. What washed up metaller would in the right mind pay £180 for something so so soooo just, I can’t even describe it. Not only is the price and general garment just a complete JOKE but if you bought and wore this you’re probably the same kind of complete wanker who’s bought a Rolling Stones T Shirt from Urban Outfitters when you’ve never heard them because you’re like, so, middle class, rawk and roll, darling. I could knock this up for a fiver and still have change.