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I noticed Concoctions on Twitter a few weeks ago. Their concept of mixing a shampoo tailored to your own 'liveblend prescription' was a pretty unique idea which I'd never actually heard of a haircare company doing before. I also loved their brand and logo design and I think I described it as a 'rave for the eyes' (or something like that). I quickly developed a dialogue with them via Twitter (see, blogging etiquette in action) and they offered to let me try some of their shampoo to review on my blog.

Sorry these images aren't as crisp as they've been lately, they were taken on my old camera. Anyway, I've given the shampoo around 3 weeks to work it's magic, I thought with a concept like this and with haircare in general it's always better to give it time to work before coming to a conclusion. A bottle of Concoctions Shampoo retails for around £12.50, which is a fair price to pay for something that is quite unique in concept and tailored to your own needs.

 You choose your own scent for your personalised blend with a choice of Black Pepper and Citrus, Rosemary and Mint, Lemon and Verbena or Bakhour. I chose Black Pepper and Citrus as the sound of it reminded me of the amazing scent of Molton Browns Black Pepper shower gel, alas though I felt that my blend wasn't quite as fragrant as I expect it to be and although a hint of the scent was there I was really expecting a POW black pepper kick! I understand this though as a lot of people don't like over powering scents. I do though, haha. You then choose 2 shots of super serum to be blended in by the 'mixologists'. You can see for yourself the list of those by clicking here. I chose Ravishing Red and Gimme More Moisture. I thought it was brilliant that you could choose two.

The shampoo foams up effortlessly and is a nice gloopy texture. Thin shampoo's always make me feel like they're not washing my hair properly. As my hair is very very brittle dry and damaged at the ends, due to the ol' dip dye, I kept a close eye on how it faired when changing to this shampoo from my previous one. For the first few washes I used Concoctions on it's own with no conditioner. Although I could get the comb through afterwards, which is a novelty especially without conditioner so it must have some uber detangling properties, this wasn't very good for my hair to go conditioner free. No more split ends appeared but I noticed it wasn't smoothing down the existing ones like a conditioner would, I think a lot of people would find this perfect if they didn't use conditioner as heavily as I do. But saying that when my hair was dried the top half which isn't as damaged really did look smooth and glossy. I have been alternating conditioner with this shampoo ever since. I must say it does seem to have improved quite a lot since. I'm not one to be bothered about a shampoo as I feel it's the conditioning stage that makes or breaks my hair so I will literally usually use just any shampoo I find on offer. But now I've tried this I'm not too sure if I will change my ethos on that as it's seemingly tag-teaming my conditioner to make a super combo of goodness for my little damaged follicles. I guess what I'm trying to say is please please please Concoctions develop your range into a matching conditioner! It would make my life a little bit more complete.
*word just in: concoctions have developed their conditioning creme and it will be released very soon, wooo! Keep a watch out on their Twitter for more news.

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  1. Have to say that is a lot of money for a shampoo. I did used to buy the most expensive brands but these days I also pick up what's on offer. My husband has always used supermarket value stuff daily and he has lovely shiny hair without a hint of dandruff.
    Can't see me trying this one I'm afraid, especially with a lack of conditioner!

    1. I suppose it depends on your hair type. If you're one with quite healthy hair this would make up for the conditioner so you wouldn't need to buy them separately.

  2. Oooooh this sounds lovely, it is a little bit pricey though! Maybe when I stop being a student and join the Real World I'll be able to afford Real People Shampoo as well..


  3. This is really interesting. We currently use Molton Brown Jackberry for his dandruff and L'occitaine for my dry frizz but this will be purchased and given a go in our house definitely, it's priced better and I like the idea of your own prescription

    1. It sounds like it's excellent for your household then! they've definitely found their niche as a company.

  4. I like the sound of this company, I think for a tailor made product £12.50 is a good price, I did see on website that P&P is free so that's a bonus. I'm going to have to check out the ingredients (damn those silly allergies) but if it's all good then I'd be up for try it for myself.


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