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My blog is looking a lot like it's the 'Terri Show' lately isn't it? What can I say, I'm slowly getting over my phobia of putting images of my face on the internet for all to gawp at. Hope you enjoy it.
Absolutely love love love this dress. It's possibly my favourite dress ever, and I have a LOT of dresses. They tend to be all I wear as I don't feel comfortable in trousers and find skirt's often fit very strangely. But dresses, dresses are easy to wear for my little pear shaped bod. Especially this one. It's such a flattering and unique shape, I wish more dresses were cut like this.
It was from Forever 21 back in October when I attended the Look Show in London. I had never been in a Forever 21 before and my delicate eyes literally couldn't process the layout/colours/masses of beautiful garments everywhere. I ran around picked everything and anything up and this was one of those types of spontaneous purchases I didn't even try on.
I feel a bit like I'm out of Fleetwood Mac when I wear it (not sure why that is though) and it's just so easy to wear in the day or at night. I love it!! I can't remember how much it cost but it was definitely under £20. £20 is my budget for dresses (my budgeting system is quite advanced haha) I think Forever 21 is one of my favourite shops ever, despite it's confusing layout, I never leave empty handed. It's like Primark meets H&M but every garment is bloody wonderful. Oh, and you can check out the post on my new Oasap shoesies by clicking here

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  1. Haha your fleetwood mac comment made me laugh - I think they're awesome lol ;D Love the dress, especially the cute collar!

  2. This dress goes perfectly with your flatforms :)

    PS. I really enjoy reading your blog. I love your sense of humor.

  3. Your hair is gorgeous!
    Mel x

  4. such a pretty dress, looks great on you - lola x

  5. I love the dress! I find F21 a bit hit and miss, this is definitely a hit though :) x x

  6. That dress is so nice! What a great find :) , looks good with the shoes too!


  7. Looks lovely, i love forever 21 too.

  8. Ah wow, I love this dress! it suits you really well and I hope it will suit me too!

  9. Judging by the title, a fellow person who likes The National? Or is Conversation 16 a reference to something larger that I don't get? xD And that is quite a lovely dress


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