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Now, when I first saw that I'd received some 'Private Lipsticks' through the post I was deeply concerned that it was going to be some kind of new Japanese gimmick for me private parts (you know what that crazy lot are like)... Alas no, it's some super duper lipstick from a brand I have been intrigued about for ages; DuWop! I've been lusting over their Twilight Venom Lipstain ever since I saw it, and no, I'm not a Twi-hard! I really am not a fan of those films, but the product itself looked awesome....

Anyyyyway, I received a selection of 3 'Private Lipsticks'. In Private Nude, Private Pink and Private Red. The first thing that struck me about all of them was the packaging. Inside the box there's a hefty feeling metallic capsule containing the lovely lipsticks. It delivers a really satisfying click when you pop the lid back on (no, I've not been sitting here clicking it on and off for an hour, honest)
The idea of the lipsticks is that the colour adjusts to suit you, the theory is that it works with your body's CHEMISTRY and adjust accordingly to a hue that suits your skin tone. 
''The Lipstick's proprietary formula includes a blend of three naturally derived pigments - annatto, hibiscus, and henna - and the technology behind the classic "mood lipsticks" of the seventies to provide a vibrant shade that adapts to suit each individual’s colouring. Annatto lends a rich pigment base, while hibiscus flowers offer gentle antiseptic properties, and henna leaves behind a long-lasting stain. Additional hydrating ingredients such as beeswax, caster oil and Vitamin E keep the lip colour lightweight and emollient.''
It really is hard to decide which shade is my favourite out of all of them but I like how the range can be utilised from day time wear in the nude to a night time shade in the red. The red is such a rich tone, I love it!
Here's how they looked on and how they 'adjusted' to suit me. I waited around 10 minutes after applying each colour to make sure it fully 'developed' and there was a definite change in colour from first application.
The nude was kind of a dull burnt orange colour when first applied but soon changed into a lovely natural shade.
The pink perked up a bit and turned into a lovely pinch-pink colour. (probably my favourite when applied)
And the red turned into a brighter shade which was way more striking than when I first put it on.
Overall I think I am in love with these lipsticks! They're a quirky brand which I've been desperate to try for a while. Each one retails for £19 each which I suppose it a bit pricey, but probably worth it as they are 'investment' lipsticks I think. They hydrate your lips and kind of sink in instead of sitting on the surface like a regular lipstick. I don't mean like a lipstain either as they really dry my lips out. It's almost like a dry balm? And the colour lasts forever! Have you tried any DuWop products? What did you think?

*PR samples.

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  1. Ooh these look amazing! I love the pink especially, my Barry M touch of magic goes a very similar colour on me and that's probably my favourite lipstick just because of the gimmick aspect! I haven't tried any DuWop, but I'd definitely like to! :)

    1. Oh I didn't know Barry M even did lip products!

  2. The pink and red ones are absolutely beautiful! xo

    1. The pink is probably my favourite!

  3. The red one is gorgeous, if it was for the price tag I'd be getting it!

    1. Its so precious! I know what you mean, although you only seem to need to apply it once rather than several times a day.

  4. "some kind of new Japanese gimmick for me private parts" hahaha! These sound amazing, lipsticks that change colour?! X

  5. These look like fun, I'm a sucker for colour changing stuff. Definitely check out the 'green' Barry M lippy which turns pink-red when applied - it's gorgeous :)

  6. Love these! What a cool idea. I just saw Danielle's (A Blog From Blackpool) post about nail varnish that changes colour with the heat of your hands too. What will they think of next!


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