I will start off by saying it's EVERY pun intended when it come's to the title of this post. Oh, the lolz I have had, especially when asking a friend if they wanted a 'eyePad' for free.... How I laughed.
Once I'd stopped laughing at my own joke (an activity that usually takes up around 75% of my day) I cracked out these Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Eye Masks. 
I've never bothered with eye masks as my eyes tend to do the opposite of everyone elses! I never get 'bags' under them, but I have like a sunken in bit underneath. Sounds weird doesn't it? But it's there. I wish they would puff out a bit sometimes but hey, that's just the way of my face eh. Anyway I do get quite dark circles sometimes and it can look very dull in that little ditch.
The first thing I thought was how much I absolutely loved the packaging concept! You press down on the liquid pod until it makes a satisfying squish into the compartment containing the pads themselves. It felt sooo good.
You then leave it to saturate and place the pads on your under eyes for 15 minutes. There's two pads in each pod so in total you get 4 'goes' of the eyePADS in every box. The saturated pads themselves are a little slimy feeling, I can't think of anything I've felt that feels quite like it. When you place them under your eyes you feel an instant cooling sensation. After about 10 minutes though it started to feel a little stingy. I'm unsure why, but I took them off at that point. Afterwards my under eye felt quite refreshed and my skin certainly had a little glow to it! I must admit, I was initially very sceptical about the whole thing but I definitely saw some kind of result for sure. What I am unsure about is whether or not it is worth the £35 price tag. The product does what it claims to do but for me personally with my INVERTED EYES I don't think it's something suited for my particular needs. But regardless of that it's certainly a lovely little treat and a great over all concept in both packaging and product!

*PR Sample.

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  1. Tried them and didn't rate them
    I prefer the old fashioned cucumber treatment
    cheaper, smells better, and you can use the rest in salad

    1. Did you notice a difference after you used them tho?

  2. These look like the perfect Sunday night pamper treat albeit a tad on the pricey side but a great concept. I am on the hunt for an under eye mask and they seem so far and in-between on the market.


    beckys makeup


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