Fentimans Cherry Tree Cola

I've been a fan of Fentiman's beverages for a while, their variation of yummy drinks in a traditional style bottle certainly stands out on the supermarket shelf amongst the plastic bottles of Mountain Dew or whatever random section they decide to put it in. I hadn't seen the Cherry Tree Cola before though so snapped that bad boy up straight away.

I didn't actually click in until I thought about it that cherry tree cola would probably just be Cherry Coke.... But this could go one of two ways; it could either be a lovely fresh cherry taste or a horrid artificial cherry flavour which I find Diet Cherry Coke tastes like sometimes, blergh.
Thankfully though it was the first of the two options. It's a deliciously fresh cherry flavour and what I can only describe as tasting like cola sweets. It's a nice delicate sparkle that doesn't abuse your nostrils (yeah, this happens if I drink a fizzy drink too fast, it kinda comes out of my nose) and all in all is a splendid little drink and quite unique as I can't think of another variant of Cherry Coke that tastes quite the same. It cost roughty £1.20 from your local Tesco store.

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  1. Sounds lovely, I havent seen this flavour either. Rose Lemonade is my fave from Fentimans.

  2. love the quirky bottle - has a retro feeling. and there is something about a glass bottle that feels more sophisticated than a plastic one! :)


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