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Today I discovered the art of Galaxy Nails. I've been yearning to do something a bit different with my nails lately and after seeing this galaxy/space design about everywhere I decided to give it a go myself! It's so simply to do and you need no artistic flair whatsoever to do it, you just dab about and hope for the best! (that's what I did anyway)
 The first thing you'll need to do this is a good selection of nail varnishes! I've only actually started to wear nail polish in the past 6 months or so and it's quickly become my obsession. Due to my 'hands on' craft degree I never got the chance to paint my nails pretty colours or grow them as they'd get ruined with all the metal work I was doing. I'm making it up for it now though!
 I never spend more than about £3 on nail varnish, it's just one of those things that I think for the amount of time I wear it (usually 2-3 days) a cheap one can last the length of time I require it for. The cheapest of these Varnishes is the Technic one, which cost 99p from Bodycare and is very long wearing, the most expensive is the Barry M which I got on offer for around £2.99.
 I've had the w7 Metallic Planets set for a while, it cost me £9.99 for 6 of them from TK Maxx. They're such nice colours and it's hard to get a good picture of them because in different lights they reflect different hues. For the galaxy nails I used; Metallic Mars for the base which is a non glittery one, then coated that with Metallic Mercury which is the glittery one that turns a greenish colour when the light hits it and also Metallic Saturn which is the most luscious shade of shit green I ever did see. I also forgot to picture the 'hot pink' shade I used too! Drat! But that was another cheap one from H&M.
 I've already mentioned the Technic polish which is in a lovely purple/lilac colour and the Barry M nail effects one I found good for this as the crackle adds to the starry effect over all. The sparkley top coat is from Claires costing around £1 and it has the most wonderful iridescent glitter in ever and goes so well over so many shades.
The apparatus that I used was equally as budget friendly. I used an old false eyelash tray and a cotton bud. One thing I will say is that the cotton bud probably wasn't the best thing to use as some of the fluffyness transferred to my nail at first so I had to keep dabbing to cover it up, it would be best to use a make up sponge for a 'smoother' finish.
 So, the method is pretty simple really...
~Apply your base coat, this can be any dark colour you like from dark blue to black or I used Metallic Saturn and Metallic Mars
~Dip the cotton bud in the polish you have poured onto the eyelash tray (or whatever surface you poured it on to.)
~Get dabbing! Don't worry if it doesn't look too neat, as you can dab dab dab over it.
I applied the colours in shade order - starting with the darkest (Metallic Saturn) then progressing to the lightest (the Technic Lilac) then I used the hot pink in small dabs and the Barry M black nail effects to add some depth.
~Finish with your glittery top coat.
I hope I made this sound as simple as it is!
Voilá! Galactic Galaxy Nails!

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    1. Thank yoooou, its so simple too!

  2. Love your nails!!

    Happy to be your newest follower! Can't wait to catch up on your posts!

    Found you through the #bbloggers tag :)

    xo, Jersey Girl

  3. I tried this too here:

    I actually think ours look really similar! Loving your blog as always :)


  4. Your nails look lovely! Never seen that done before! Found you through #bbloggers! Would love it if you could take a look at my blog -

  5. These look amazing! I Love them! :D

  6. They look so good, I'd have to say the best DIY galaxy nail art I've seen!

  7. Cool, Galaxy nail arts looks so gorgeous and so cute. Are you using all these nail polishes for having galaxy nail arts?


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