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I've not really been into all this red, white and blue Jubilee merch in the stores lately, it's all so uninspiring and also a combination of my least favourite colours ever! So when I spot something that isn't the typical design and colours of everything else I get drawn to it a lot more. I've been eyeing up this rather pretty tin of Shortbread in Marks and Spencers ever since it came out, I wouldn't care if it were for the Jubilee or for the dogs home, I would of bought it anyway!
 With regards to the Jubilee itself I'm pretty apathetic, it's not of interest to me overall but I by no means hate the occasion. It's just one of those things I'm not really into. However, this tin's design makes me want to be into it a bit more, immensely fickle I know!
 I was expecting the tin to contain a load a little shortbread biscuits but it actually contains big massive shortbread petticoat tails the size of my face, yum. And it is some seriously good shortbread.
 It seems that yet again, despite Marks and Spencers being a more... I'm not sure how to put it, traditional(?) retailer they have hit the nail on the head yet again with branding and design of their Jubilee range. It's quirky, it's fun, it's different and it's so on trend in the colour scheme and over all design.
Regardless of my lack of interest in the Jubilee it does seem like my blog has been featuring more Jubilee themed items than I would ever have intended including hair care from Percy and Reed and another Marks and Spencers treat in the form of their Jubilee Macaroons. I'm just a sucker for design! The tin will also come in handy when I have nommed up all the shortbread for storing something nice in.

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  1. Yum! The only jubilee things I've purchased are marmite and teacakes, haha, winning combo.

  2. This is such a beautiful tin. I keep looking at it in store, but so far I have resisted! x

  3. I love M & S! Such a lovely tin :-) x

  4. Woo shortbread! Been loving reading all your posts recently. Seems you have the same addiction to new stuff I do too. Lethal xxx

  5. Gorgeous tin but I like the look of the shortbread more ;)

  6. The packaging is cute, I love shortbread biscuits - perhaps a bit too much. I might see if they have any of these left tomorrow when I pop to the shops :)



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