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I'd never even heard of the brand Green & Spring until recently, but as soon as I opened the parcel containing these little treats I immediately fell in love with erm, EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM. Just look at that wonderful packaging. Green & Spring products are marketed as 'Natural and Active Skincare handmade in the British Countryside'. I've got to say, their whole persona depicts them as a quintessentially  classic British brand.

I received 3 products from the range and I immediately cracked open the Nurturing Balm. I'm a massive fan of balms, as I have contact dermititus from messing with nasty chemicals sans gloves during my degree I get occasional flair ups. One of my fingers actually turns into that of a Zombie. But balms always seems to make it so much better and act as a barrier on the skin so the problem stays at bay until I start to forget to use the products! I've got to say, this Green & Spring Nurturing Balm is the best balm my hands have ever seen. 
It's not just a hand balm though, oh no, it's a ''mulit-purpose balm, blending the delicate scent of lavender with rejuvenating evening primrose and restorative rosemary to actively soothe and heal damaged, chapped and burnt skin.'' I've not had to use it anywhere else though but I'll make sure I do! The only thing I would perhaps alter about it though is the type of packaging. When it's a slightly colder day the balm hardens a little so is much harder to squeeze out, then when you leave you bag next to a radiator you're not expecting it to be quite so runny so use the same strength of squidge as you would when it's cold - balmy overload! Alas, I cannot praise the product itself enough, it's a little miracle.
The lipbalm is also not one to disappoint. It's amazing. It can seem be a little erm, slippy at first due to the olive oil in it, but it's instantly soothes and cures chapped lips like a dream. The moisturising effects lasts all day and instead of applying lip balm every hour, it's more like every 5 hours with this bad boy. It smells of lavender with a little bit more of an earthy twist I think, but that's potentially the Rosemary in it! I also have a small sample of Green & Spring's Restorative Night Cream which I can't wait to use, but alas I am using another night cream up for now, I am certain I will not be disappointed though if these two products are anything to go by! They are a little more pricey than I would usually go for, the nurturing balm comes in at an RRP of £16 and the Lip Balm for £7. But I think now I have tried them and fallen head over heals I will invest again, but you need so little of the product to achieve great results that I'm sure it'll be a while before I need to re-invest.
You can save 30% on Green & Springs best selling lines (including the nurturing balm!) by entering 'FD12' at the checkout.

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  1. The packaging is gorgeous. Would love to give these products a go:)

  2. The products sound lovely. This range has been on my wishlist as they fit into my ingredients policy - free from synthetic nasties :)

  3. I love the packaging, looks so cute and natural xo

  4. I'd buy these for the packaging alone, they're gorgeous

  5. They have such lovely packaging. The lip balm sounds ideal! Xo


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