Hair Royal Highness

I absolutely LOVE mini set’s of products. It’s such an awesome way to ‘try before you buy’, especially when they can be so affordable in comparison to the full sized version of products (take Benefit’s b.right intro set for example. A swish £10 to try everything in the range and choose which one you want to invest in!) I noticed this cute mini set named Hair Royal Highness (how apt for the Jubilee weekend eh?!) on the Percy & Reed website and just had to have it. It looked wonderful. 

 Everything in the set gives you a little bit of UMPH and a little bit of shine, perfect for a good voluminous hair do without destroying your hair in the process. The contents includes; No oil hair oil, dry conditioner, moisturising shampoo, moisturising conditioner, volumising mouse and session hold hair spray. I’ve gotta say, the first thing I cracked out was the dry conditioner as INTRIGUED was not the word. It’s a very strange product but I was pleasantly surprised, it’s not got the chalkyness of dry shampoo and smells lovely. All of the range smells the same and it reminds of those tutti fruitti sweets you used to get in penny mixtures at primary school! It’s subtle but fruity.

 The branding and packaging for the range is spot on too. I love the font they use throughout and the quirky tone of voice to describe the products. It’s one of those things that really draws me to a product when they use humour. The actual logo design is really nice too, I’m a sucker for good design! It’s really weird how there’s a range of fonts and styles on the products but they all work together so well, the illustrations are also  really different to what you’d expect on a hair care range.

They’re all a great size to just pop in your hand bag too. The dry conditioner will definitely be taking a bit of space up as I often get a bit disgruntled over my hair looking dry and frizzy half way through the day and this is a great product to just eradicate it in a instant. It’s not as heavy as an oil or serum either. Initially I did have my doubts about dry conditioners but after using this one I am SOLD (yes I know the picture above is the hair spray but I was just showing you the size! Haha). You can pick this little set and loads of other treats up from the Percy & Reed Website website for £24 and ‘like’ their Facebook Fan Page here.

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*This was a complimentary gift but has in no way altered my opinion of the set. I’m pretty impressed regardless!