How To: Ombré Nails

Ombré is hotter than a curry in the sun at the moment, so if you think the hair colour is so passé nowadays then why not try the nails instead? (I have ombré/dip dye hair, I like it.... PS 'ombré' is french for 'shaded' just in case you were wondering why it is called ombré, I certainly like my accented é's today don't I?) 
I've edited the contrast in colour sightly in some of these images just to show the effect more clearly.
It's a pretty easy process, but does take a little time and patience. Make sure you start these nails when you have nothing else to do for about half an hour! I used 4 different shades of purple but it can easily be done with the lightest shade and the darkest shade, you'd just need to blend more.
Start off by painting the whole nail with the lightest shade. The one I used is possibly my favourite polish at the moment and cost £1 from Marks and Spencers. It's just a plain light lilac.
To sponge the other shades on, most people would use a make up sponge. I, however, have no make up sponges, so the next best thing I could find was an ear plug! Which I think bodes better as it's easier to hold and more precise BUT after a bit of dabbing it can start to flake slightly.
I poured the polish into a trusty fake eyelash tray and began dabbing. I did it in shade order so the next darkest shade in my little selection was the Technic Pretty Pastels purple.
It does take time to blend the nail varnish successfully and make it look like a smooth colour transition. So do be a little patient! 
I've upped the contrast on this next image to try and show the transition in colours a little bit clearer:
So progress through the colour range until you reach the darkest one at the end of your nail. The beauty in this method is that you can always go back to a lighter shade and blend it back it if you go a bit heavy handed with the darker one (and vice versa). Just keep dabbing until you get the ombré look you want.
et voilá, le ombré nails; TOOT DE LA FRUIT.
And yes, it is very hard not to go over your nails and get the varnish on your skin. A tip to get this off is to have a little soak in the bath or do the dishes, it should just rub off when you dry your hands on a towel!

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  1. Toot de la fruit! My fav Friends episode ever!! Great tutorial, im def still on the ombré bandwagon! X

    1. Hahaa I can't write a french themed (ish) post without making that quote!

  2. casually grabbing an ear plug to do my nails lol you ace woman!x

  3. Yours look a lot better than mine ever did!
    friends!!! Love it.

  4. I'm a big fan of ombré nails! Love the colours you've used! :)

    Natasha Carly x

  5. Definitely going to be trying this next time I have time off work! It looks GORGEOUS!
    (PS: ombre doesn't have an accent on the e - if it had an accent it'd be pronounced ombrAY, which is the Spanish word for man! Sorry to be so pedantic.)

    1. Hahaha, I think the twitter discussion following this comment made me even more confused about the ombré/ombre word!

  6. Love this look and even better that you did it with purple! Win! :) x

  7. OMG those are so pretty :D Plus it's my favourite colour blue!



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