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I've had these extensions for a few weeks now but hadn't played around with them properly until today. When I ordered this specific set of I & K Clip in Extensions I failed to take into account my hair is now dip dyed, so thoughtlessly ordered the colour to match the main colour of my hair; which is a dark red! I have tried to bleach the ends of the extensions to no avail, it has lightened them but alas they are not destined to be the orangey yellow tone I desire and I should of thought it through and chosen blonde ones instead. If anyone has any tips or advice on how to lighten these extensions that would be brilliant... I'm not giving up on them though, and came up with a messy side plait style to work them with.
 The quality of the extensions is amazing, I've tried extensions before, twice in fact. The first time they were synthetic so couldn't be styled and the second pair were really sparse and for the price I paid I certainly did not think the quality was up to much! These however, are just so soft and look and feel just like natural hair does as they are 100% real hair. For this style I only used 3 lots of clips and there was a generous amount in the package, more than enough to blend in with your hair style and look natural (if you get the colour to match that is!).
If you've followed me for a while you will have gathered by now that my hair is the type that just doesn't grow past a certain length and it's been at this length for around a year now, so hair extensions are the perfect way for me to finally do something different without going the other way and having it all cut off (which will never happen again, the last time I went to the hairdressers he cut me a fringe that made me look like a mushroom). I might just get some blonde extensions too to streak through with the red ones as I think that would work pretty well. 
If you're interested in these or any other kind of extensions then head over to the Hair Trade website, there is such a wide selection of extensions and other hair care products to have a look at! 

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*These extensions were sent for consideration as part of the Hair Trade Blogging Partnership and in no way, shape or form alters my opinion of them!

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  1. Your hair looks so cute! Very punk meets fairy ^_^

    1. Thank you! I like that description!

  2. Cute picture Terri, it looks great! You could try using a pigment remover such as Decolour Remover to remover the colour from the extensions, but if bleach isn't working I would think that nothing else would either. Best bet would be just to buy paler extensions and dye them the desired colour. I've got an extension post coming up later this week.

    1. I was thinking that, or maybe just household bleach as it's not my actual hair? Who knows! oooh looking forward to your post, I'm becoming obsessed with extensions posts since I got mine!

  3. Looks really nice, I don't think it matters you haven't matched to the dip dye bit. I ordered some extensions today squee, hope they are OK as is my first time :) Deffo donna rock out some side plaits and big ass buns.


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