Jeremiah Weed

Now before you start thinking I am writing about any type of Class B drugs, think again. Jeremiah Weed is a type of drink and boy, what an interesting drink it be. I first spotted it in the pub down the road when I was having some lunch but as I was driving and a responsible little sprite I didn’t partake in a tipple. The mystery of Jeremiah Weed has played on my mind ever since. WHAT DOES IT TASTE LIKE?? Mystery no more, I can now tell you.
It come’s in two different varieties – Root Brew and Sour Mash. I didn’t really know what to expect from either. I assumed Root Brew would be something like the vulgar mouth wash-esque drink Root Beer though, and the Sour Mash would be well, sour (I’m not naive enough to think it would taste like MASHed potato though, don’t worry).
Alas, I then realised that the repulsive drink known as Jack Daniels is Sour Mash isn’t it? I must say I am definitely not a Bourbon or Whiskey drinker in the slightest, the very scent makes me gag due to a bit of a binge drinking mistake as a teenagers (I’m from Stoke, we start drinking early) Alas, when I opened the bottle and had a smell it was almost a…nice whiskey smell. Kind of refreshing? Very very odd. I poured myself a glass making sure it was ice cold as any beverage tastes 40% better when ice cold, and I was pleasantly surprised! Although the whiskey taste remains it’s not a disgusting one?! You have to taste it to believe it but I would never have imagined I would enjoy it. It’s definitely smooth sippin’! It’s a fizzy, refreshing, smooth, almost sweet brew. The only thing that was bad about it was the after taste as it started to develop a horrible smell in my mouth, so beware if you’re thinking of having a few before a night out. It’s definitely not ‘in da club’ breath.
The Root Brew had a completely different vibe altogether and I noticed in smaller writing it’s actually a Ginger Brew. I’ve tried many alcoholic ginger beers such as Crabbies, Franks and various others and I am also a fine of the cheaper alternative of Stone’s ginger wine with a splash of lemonade of an evening (seriously cheap alternative for a night out that’s dead tasty) so needless to say I am a fan of GINGER. The drink is a lot smoother than regular ginger beer drinks (which I always find don’t really taste like a classic ginger beer and are a lot less spicy) and easier to drink, it’s not got the sharp tang to it and you can tell it’s been ‘brewed’, don’t ask me how you can tell, you have to taste to see this indescribable things I’m trying to put across haha. It’s a very pleasant drink and unlike the Sour Mash Brew it doesn’t give you the old shit breath. Definitely a thumbs up from me on this one.
Each bottle’s ABV is 4% which isn’t particularly strong, it’s best served ice cold, preferably on a nice sunny day when you’re sitting in the garden. It’s not a ‘going out’ drink. But it’s one you kind of have to try. If you have it in the pub they serve it in a Jeremiah Weed Jam Jar glass which sounds like something I need in my life! You can pick some up from Tesco for £1.79. Make sure you have you’re ID though as retails gone retarded and is now ‘Thinking 25’… Seriously.

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