Knickerbockerglory Holiday Blues

Ciate nail varnishes have been doing the rounds on Blogs lately due to their free offer with Marie Claire. I personally didn't really like any of the colours they were giving away for free so didn't divulge myself, but I probably should have done because now I've tried Ciaté nail varnishes I don't feel that there is any going back!

I'm usually what one would probably describe as the opposite of a snob when it comes to nail varnishes. I will shop for them anywhere and tend to buy the cheapest ones I can find. I tried a Nails Inc one once when I decided to splash out and treat myself but it was awful quality and put me off more expensive nail varnishes as I'd had 99p ones that lasted longer! 
However, after trying these Ciaté ones my mind may have been completely changed! They're such lovely colours and so nice to apply, the brush is just the right thickness to do the whole nail in two strokes (sometimes one) and the formula's deliver such a nice bold hit of colour you could probably get away with one coat in a rush.
I couldn't decide between Holiday Blues or Knickerbockerglory today so I went for both and did a kind of alternative french manicure with them, there's no nail art trickery going on either with this as I found the brushes were equally as versatile to paint the ends without making too much of a mess! Also impressed with how bold the Knickerbockerglory appeared over Holiday Blues with one coat! Now I find myself desperate to try Ciaté's Caviar manicures despite not really being interested in them at all before now! I'd certainly been bitten by the Ciaté bug haven't I? Have you tried this brand? What's your favourite shade?

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  1. Love this post! Your nails look gorgeous. I am new to ciate polish but am loving the quality so far :)

    1. It's pretty good and bad because I kind of like picking nail varnish off but with this I can't!!

  2. I have to say I was the same when it came to polishes and tend to stick with cheaper versions alas to say though I have been totally bought with the new Essie range! However I did pick one of these up with Marie Claire. I could not resist. And I fell in love. It applies like a dream and only needed 2 coats to achieve a good covering plus I found it dried pretty darn quick too! That blue shade is gorgeous!

    beckys makeup

    1. It's nice that I'm not the only one who is like that about nail varnishes!

  3. Great choice of polish colour, you're nails look fab! Xo


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