Look Beauty - Lips! (again!)

I think I'm actually obsessed with Look Beauty's Double Hit Lip's. After the previous one I purchased in Berry Blast, I just kept THINKING about the other shades. Like, really, dreaming about them. I was really tempted by the shocking pink shade they have, but alas, I already had a bright bright pink lipstick so thought I'd play it a bit smoother and go for a shade I could wear on a daily basis, so I ended up with the more natural shade of 'Rose Riot'.
If you're not familiar with the concept of Look's Double Hit Lip, they're a 2 in 1 lipstick that has a 'matte' colour lip stick on one side and a shiny gloss version of the same colour on the other side. They're possibly my favourite range of lipsticks on the shelves at the moment, but saying that, I've only been 'into' lipsticks for about two months, I never really bothered with them before (lip balm for life! or so I thought until recently)
Once again, like the other colours I have (berry blast and citrus kick so far) the matte colour isn't quite as matte as you'd expect BUT like I said before, I prefer them not to be, they don't dry you lips out like most matte lipsticks would. I do suffer from pretty dry lips so a smidge of lip balm before any lipstick is standard, but with these ones it's not always necessary.
And with the gloss over the top it just adds to the intensity of the colour. At first I was wondering why it was called Rose Riot as I always associate the word Rose with the colour Red, but it's a lovely coral tone of pink and the gloss has a sheer touch of gold in it. I will warn you though that the glosses do have quite a sickly smell, but nothing as extreme as the Collection 2000 Cream Puff lip cream if you've smelt that? It's similar but not quite as strong.
Like my post about the Berry Blast shade, you can't quite see the intensity and vividness of the colour in the above images which is a real shame! But go into store and swatch your heart out. You can pick up Look Beauty's Double Hit Lip and the rest of their range at your local Superdrug and it's currently reduced to £4 from £8 so get at least one! (or two, or three)
Update on my disgruntled products, the Look Beauty Twitter team have contacted me and are sending fresh ones out to see if it was a batch or storage error. And once again note it's the mascara which is the issue nothing else! Lip sticks and nail varnishes - GO GO GO! 

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  1. That looks like such a great neutral colour, and doesn't look like it dries out your lips either.

    I haven't seen any Look Beauty products in Superdrugs near me unfortunately :( Do you know if you can purchase online anywhere?

    Great post! I'm following you, follow back?
    I'd be super grateful! :)

    Laura x


    1. Go to http://www.lookbeauty.co.uk/ the offer prices are all online too.

  2. Oh I love the look of this! I've got a couple of Look Beauty nail varnishes and I love em!x

  3. Would love to try this one..looks so pretty

  4. i love that shade! its so natural and super wearable! and the gloss and lipstick combo is such a good idea!!

  5. It seems a lot of brands are doing the lipstick/lipgloss duo lately! This is a really lovely shade xo

  6. Glad they contacted you in the end! Looks like a gorgeous colour on you, the lipstick lip gloss combo is a great idea.


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