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Following on from my previous post featuring the lip items I got from the Look Beauty range, here is my review of the second item from my little haul that I absolutely LOVE. It's the Nail Pop nail varnish in Kimono.
 It's the most amazing shade of shit green with a kind of blue lustre running through it, it's also slightly metallic with a almost gold like shimmer. It's just the perfect nail colour for me!
 I must say I am extremely pleased with the over all quality of this nail varnish. The colour pigmentation is so thick you only need 2 coats at most and it dries in no time despite not being sold as a quick dry polish.
I always eyed up this varnish but being as tight as I am the £5 price tag always put me off? I know, I know, a lot of you would consider spending a lot more on a nail varnish. But for me, I think around the £3 mark is my limit. However, I did spend the £5 and I do not regret it! Even though the next day the entire Look Beauty range reduced in price dramatically leaving me very disgruntled, this was worth the price I paid in my opinion! It's super long lasting and didn't budge for the 4 days I had it on!
Keep checking back to have a gander at the other products I received in my order and what I think of them, some ain't good I tell thee! But I'm awaiting a response on Twitter before I blog about my final opinion (this mainly refers to the mascara's by the way so lipsticks and nail varnishes, go for it, they have my blessing!)

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  1. Oh very interesting color, I like it!

  2. The way you described that green is exactly how I would have described it myself !

  3. I want to buy every single Look Beauty nail varnish, but I agree, I'm always reluctant to pay £5 for a nail varnish :)

  4. I have this on my nails right now! I keep stroking it, is that weird?

  5. Looks to be a pretty convincing dupe for Chanel Peridot....

    Vey vey pretty x

  6. This is a seriously stunning colour. Reminds me of peacocks :) Gorgeous! xo


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