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Sorry for the grubby tube in these images! I've been using it quite a bit since I bought it last week. I've decided things like foundations need a bit more of a trial period before I come to a conclusion on them as first impressions with things like this can be very misleading!
If it escaped your attention then yes, Marks and Spencer DO do make up! And I must say, everything I have tried so far I have been so impressed with, especially as it's all been picked up with either 25% or 50% off the retail price in store. This Perfectly Smooth Moisturising Foundation was no different and cost a total of £3.50 once the 50% offer had been deducted.
What drew me to the foundation was the colour. It's shade name is 'Pale Rose' and it's quite a pink tone! I've never actually seen a foundation with such a pink hue to it, I thought it would be brilliant if only on my cheeks where I suffer from redness and and a few spots. I have found now that rather than going for the lightest option to disguise flaws I'm gonna work with them to cover them up. Like, I've noticed if I use a LIGHTER concealer on my undereye darkness it seems to emphasise it more, whereas if I go a shade darker to a more medium tone it blend in better and you can't see the darkness as much. I figured the same would apply for this! (I've never seen anyone say this either about the light/dark disguising things either, but try it! you'll be surprised!)
The foundation claims to be a medium to full coverage. I would say it's definitely at the medium end of the scale for sure. It's definitely not a light coverage though. I find it works well with the Benefit Oxygen WOW foundation as they blend effortlessly with each other and what one lacks the other makes up for! I apply it to my whole face using my fingers (I've given up on the foundation brush!) and finish with a dusting of the OLD version of Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals.
It doesn't quite look as pink as it does in real life in the swatch, once again I'll point out this is why I don't like to swatch as I think it's misleading! But you guys seem to like them more than non! Anyway, it's super value for £3.50 and for that price I'd definitely purchase it again. I've used it every day for the past week and it's leaving my skin very soft and supple feeling, it also contains SPF 20 which is a bonus!
Have you tried any M&S make up? What dya think?

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  1. I think the fact M&S now do make up is exciting! I will definitely be cheeking it out once I have finished my 100 Day Challenge! xo

    1. I couldn't ever do one of those 100 day challenges, I love new stuff too much!

  2. I haven't checked out M&S for make up yet but after reading this post I will be! Reasonably priced & SPF20 - Can't go wrong with that! x

    1. Defo, the nail varnishes are good too!

  3. At that price, it's definitely worth a go :) cx

  4. Wow I might have to try this next time I need a foundation. Marks & Spencer do really nice perfumes as well which aren't old granny like , which you would expect if that makes sense! :) xx

    1. They are! I always buy the little version of the 'butterfly' one for in my bag!

  5. I think you're absolutely right about darker concealer covering better.

    Is the 50% off make up an instore promotion at M&S or dow you need a voucher or something to get it? It definitely sounds worth investigating :)

  6. I love the M&S make-up range although not tried the foundation yet so will have to give it a go! It's all cruelty free too! I agree with what Sophie said too - they do lovely (and super-cheap) perfumes x


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