Melon Liqueur

Ooohh Melon, one of my favourite flavours ever. I do enjoy Melon, in most forms, from watermelon to honeydew. Fruity goodness for my tastebuds right there. I’ve tried this Rachmaninoff Melon Liqueur a few years ago and forgot about it’s existence, but then I spotted it recently in Lidl and had to divulge in its alcoholic goodness once more. 

It is actually a vodka according to the label, which if I’d had read before I bought it I would have put it straight back on the shelf. Vodka is a drink I simply cannot stomach either on the night or the following day. However, this drink hadn’t a hint of vodka to be smelt or seen. It’s a lovely Galia Melon scent with a lovely fruity taste, in fact it hardly tastes of alcohol at all.
On Friday night I did go a little bit ‘wild’ and drink the whole bottle (it’s only 20% though, pretty much an alcopop right?!) with some Strawberry Iced Tea which I also got from Lidl. It was delicious. Like a really low alcohol cocktail (or at least that’s what it tasted like I was drinking) I really do like alcoholic drinks that actually taste of the flavour they’re sold as! Countless times I’ve had things meant to be one flavour but just taste like methylated spirits. You can pick this up for £6.49 at your local Lidl, I would highly recommend it, and no hangover the next day either! Score!

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