Vitalife Vanilla Matcha Latte

Hello there. Today I am telling you about some Tea. Some very special Tea indeed. It’s Vitalife Vanilla Matcha Latte Green Tea to be exact. I’ve been a fan of Matcha Green Tea ever since my trip to London last year where a sampled the most amazing Matcha & Orange juice in the National Geographic café. It was the best bit of juice ever to grace my taste buds I tell thee. So I purchased the Vitalife Japanese Matcha Green Tea shortly after I returned from the capital. I didn’t actually do a review of the tea at the time, but if you head over to Lily’s blog at beautys bad habit you can see a bit more about it soon, as I’ve done a guest post for her whilst she’s on her holibobs.

 So, the Vanilla Matcha Latte; it’s a lovely blend of vanilla and matcha green tea flavours (you’d never have guessed huh?) and I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I mean I like green tea, I like vanilla and I like latte’s, but together? Oooh I was in for a treat!

 You make the drink with milk rather than water, even though drinks made with milk always taste soooo good, I’m always too lazy to make them all the time! But this is so nice that I’ve found myself making it nightly as a treat when I get in from work. The great thing about these Vitalife powdered drinks is that a little goes such a long way. You only need one teaspoon to make it rather than about 6 teaspoon fulls like drinks like Horlicks demand you add!

You can purchase your own little pouch of Vitalife Matcha Vanilla Latte from their website for £11.99, you may think that’s slightly pricey for a tea, but it lasts so long as you don’t use much of it and the health benefits of Matcha are certainly impressive! They also do a great range of regular tea’s too for all kind of moods. I really love the design of the packaging too, the simple yet bold logo and the colour schemes are really so nice, and I do believe the logo was designed by a fellow Staff Uni graduate talent central eh?

I also put together a really simple recipe utilising the regular Matcha Green Tea a while ago which you can check out here and don’t forget to keep checking for when my matcha review goes live too!

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*the matcha vanilla latte was sent as a sample and I was under no obligation to write this post, and I purchased the matcha green tea myself!