What I Nearly Wore Today

When I say today, I mean yesterday. I went to see Kanye West and Jay Z at the LG Arena in Birmingham and wanted to look a bit more 'down with da kids'. I forgot all about this playsuit I bought from Bay around 3 years ago and have probably only worn it twice ever!
I can't even remember how much it cost, but it wouldn't have been expensive. I remember Bay went through a really brief stage of doing some awesome clothing before they shut down, it was a real shame as their prices were also a little more affordable too.
I soon changed my mind on the outfit though as I felt I was channelling a little too much Cher Lloyd, especially as I wanted to wear my Hunters too because it was raining! I'm not that ghetto. In the end I wore this Mickey Mouse jumper dress thing I got from eBay even longer ago! It's gotta be about 5 years old now as I got it before I even started my degree.
I felt a lot more in my comfort zone and it ended up pretty sensible actually, as I wasn't too hot nor too cold throughout the show. It was such a strange mixture of people who went though, a lot of ''yah yah totally literally on my gap yah'' folk dressed like they were on a beach holiday, a few middle aged business like people and a handful of people who you'd EXPECT to be Kanye West and Jay Z fans. So strange! I might do a little post with some of the images I took on my new camera, although they're not amazing as I'd got the settings completely wrong then the battery died! Booo!
And just as a final query, how do you guys upload images to your blog? I've always used the standard 'add picture' tab at the top of the screen I write the post in, but lately it's being temperamental telling me my Picassa web album is full (which it's not) and then refusing to upload any, so I've put these images on via Photobucket.

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  1. I really like the playsuit! x

    1. Me too! But alas, I just forget about it and never wear it as much as it deserves to be worn!

  2. That last outfit looks right out of Back To The Future movie, you know when Marty has the Polaroid of his family, AWESOME! Thanks for the link on Twitter great article.

  3. Loveeee that playsuit! And love the second outfit because mickey mouse is a little cutie ;)

    1. Thanks thanks! I need to start wearing it more!

  4. Did you enjoy the gig? I went to see them in Paris & it was AMAZING! x


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