Bargain Hunt – Stila

It is absolutely no secret that I am a massive Bargain Hunter, and when you’re in the city of Stoke on Trent it’s really not that hard to come across TREASURES. The Poundshop’s are generally awash with stock you’d expect to find at a higher price elsewhere and it’s very common to see brands such as Collection, Rimmel and Revlon in there. The other day though, I got sniff that they were stocking Stila items and I immediately took a trip to Hanley to scout out some bargains!

I’ve written about Stila stuff before, I love their products and their packaging. I was impressed when I noticed the other month that TK Maxx were stocking little packs containing 3 products for £7.99, especially when I found out the Convertible Colour Cheek and Lip tint I got retailed for £16.99 on it’s own in Boots! So needless to say the fact they were selling Stila goods in the POUND SHOP had me a little bit excited.
 The first thing I cracked open was the Jade Blossom Hair Refresher. The box to this is so cute in a nice dusky pink tone. The trademark Stila font dominates the front of the box with pretty little green flowers all over it. I was expecting the product to be a spray bottle but instead it was a bottle of fine powder which has the most lovely delicate floral scent to it. It seems to be a lot more effective than dry shampoo for de-greasing and volumising yet does leave a slightly more powdery residue at the same time. But then again, what can you expect when it’s a powder?!

 The two face powders I literally bought for the sake of it. I knew neither would match my skin tone at all as they were both Shade D which is a slightly dark tone. I would say that maybe when I become a bronzed goddess in the summer I will be able to utilise them… But then I remember I live in England and erm, yeah…. Needn’t say more about that.

 The first powder is a pretty standard powder foundation. The second one was called ‘angel light’ which says it’s a whitening powder. I was wondering what that was all about so after a quick google I have determined it’s aimed at mainly Asian and Korean markets who strive for that brighter and whiter western skin tone. I did think this may counteract the darkness of the colour but alas it didn’t and I still looked a bit like I’d gone mad with the bronzing balls or something after application.

Finally, I picked up some of the oil free tinted moisturiser. Although this said it was ‘light’ on the box it is still quite a dark tone on me and is visible upon application. It does blend very nicely though and leaves my skin, although slightly off colour from my neck, very dewy and fresh in both touch and appearance. Although I am very pleased I have been able to grab such bargains (the moisturiser alone retails for more than £20) I am slightly disappointed that apart from the hair powder I can’t really use the other products. I’m sure my mum will welcome them as a donation anyway, she’s rockin’ a year round tan unlike her pasty daughter. The quality of all the products is really top notch, especially for £1! So if you are a darker complexion go and have a little look and stock up!

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