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From the look of these pictures there must be something very interesting on my bedroom carpet (probably cat hairs or something equally as grim though) but I thought I would share with you today my new dress anyway! .....NEW DRESS DAY!  YEAAAAHH!!! All my plain cardigans are in the wash though, else I would have worn it with a black one instead of my favourite ever Fred Perry cardi, the colours go though I guess.

I absolutely love this new dress! And you wanna know the best thing about it? It was £12 from the Kids Section at George in Asda! I love how kids clothes can be so massive nowadays. VAT free for me! This dress says its for 13-14 year olds.... Does this mean I've not grown at all since I was 14? Also not really sure what I'm doing with my arm in the below picture by the way... having some kind of lapse by the looks of it.
The collar on the dress is so amazing. It's a elongated pointed type of thing, not like any I've really seen on regular, erm, adult sized dresses. I really wanted to make more of a feature of it as it doesn't really stand out that much against the pattern of the dress. So I got thinking. I have an amazing Nica bracelet I've had for years but don't wear as I'm not the bracelet type, it's got little fat bee/flies dangling from it. I also have some little bug earrings from H&M I got a while ago, but once again, I don't really wear earrings! Maybe I should start actually wearing all these accessories I own at some point.... Fear not though, for now I have devised a different way to utilise them!
 I simply pushed the earrings through the collar and attached the bracelet to them through the back. I secured them in place with the butterfly backs on the earrings and was good to go! I was a little concerned the earrings would be a little too sharp and stab be constantly. But they don't. Also the bracelet isn't too heavy and doesn't weigh the dress or collar down too much - winner!
 I'm really pleased that this worked and now I'm going through my jewellery collection to find other bracelets and earrings I can use in this way! I think the earrings could be bigger for this particular collar though as the little bugs do seem a bit lost in the pattern. 
It is strange I don't wear earrings any more, I had my ears pierced when I was about 6 and always wore earrings until I was about 18. Now though, I wear them for about an hour and just get annoyed by them. They don't irritate me or anything but I just don't like that I can feel them there.
 What do you think of this? Do you have any multi-uses for your jewellery? I don't know why I don't wear bracelets, they kind of just annoy me when they dangle around too much, I don't mind ones that fit snug on the arm but this Nica one, although I adore it, is just too darn dangley!!

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  1. Love the use of the earrings!! Very pretty dress.

  2. I had a sheer blue strappy 'underdress' thing that I cut out of a Primark dress once. I hooked an initation-jet necklace from one strap and fastened it to the other with a big silky bow hairclip. I thought it was ever so 1920s!

    So, to answer your question: YES I HAVE!

  3. Love the dress! Glad I'm not the only one who checks out the kiddies clothes! haha.

    Great idea for multi-use jewellery. If only I was creative enough to think of something like that :)

    1. I can't believe the sizes of some of the kids clothes, I remember once in H&M I bought a top for 9 yr olds!

  4. LOVE that dress...

    kids clothes sizes are nuts these days.

    1. God bless those chunky critters!

  5. Oh my! The FLIES!! I need the flies!!! xx

    1. Tough, they're miiiiiiiiiiiine.

  6. This is a genius alternative use for jewellery! It looks great - inspiring stuff, Terri! x x


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