Bunny Rabbits

I was tweeting about these cute little Azuki Bean Rabbit's over the weekend and so many people were as intrigued as I was when I saw them in the Chinese Supermarket in Manchester this weekend. So as promised, here's a blog post for the little guys!

They cost £1.95 and inside there are about 12 little white rabbits, all frozen in their cutesy goodness. I can't read chinese so cannot tell you what the packaging actually says or what they're actually meant to *be*, but if you can translate please feel free to comment below!
You can prepare the little rabbits in 3 different ways, I chose microwaving though as I don't have a steamer and deep drying seemed slightly unhealthy! I found they cooked best in 50 seconds though and it was very easy to overcook them. They go terribly hard and horrid if microwaved for too long.
I assume the Azuki Bean refers to the filling and I also assumed that Azuki Bean was similar to Red Bean? (I just googled and it seems I am correct!) I do really like Red Bean flavoured things, it is a fairly sweet flavour and perfect as a milky bubble tea. For some reason I was put off for years thinking it would be a savoury taste but I was pretty wrong.
Sooooo.... The little bunnies themselves eh.... Look, just LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE!! They have little red dots splodged on for eyes and they're a nice little hand sized treat, well I say treat but they don't actually taste as wonderful as they appear I'm afraid :(
The little rabbits are soooo bland. They taste of hardly anything, just like a plain dough if I had to describe the taste. Kind of like if you buy those mini batons from Tesco that you have to finish cooking at home. But you don't finish cooking them and just eat them straight from the pack! I also expected there to be 'goo' inside but it was more of a hard paste which once again lacked flavour.
I'm now not sure if they are meant to be a savoury or sweet treat, or just a middle of the road kind of thing? I'm very confused. I'm not disappointed though as for the price you can buy them simply to wow friends when they come over, they'd be so taken by the cuteness they won't even notice the blandness! I'd imagine they'd also go down well at a  kids party as something a bit different perhaps with some jam dips or something, for under £2 for 12 though they'd worth a sneaky go!

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  1. Love the Chinese supermarket in Manchester! Have you seen the back freezer full of sea monsters? It's terrifying.

    1. YES with all the fish heads and live crabs and whatnot, it's a right adventure!

    2. Where's that?! I moved there a couple of weeks ago and this seems like exactly the kind of place I wanna seek out!

  2. To prevent these from getting dry it helps to spray a little water on them before putting them in the microwave.
    I've always thought these were really cute, my little sister loves them.

    1. Good call! I still have loads left so will try that !

  3. these look adorable, but I worry I'd feel mean biting their little heads off *total wuss*

  4. I love exploring my local chinese supermarket, I'm a rice cracker addict and the noddles variety is always exciting. I am allergic to egg so I can always get egg free noodles which in my world is thrilling :)

  5. Oh my, that's adorable! Makin me want to go China town again haha x

  6. These are amazing! Do you know which supermarket you got them at? :)

    Lauren xox



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