Excuse me whilst I just admire how lovely I looked last night....
OK I'm done being the vainest little urchin ever now. But seriously, it's amazing how different you can look with some Hair Extensions and a lovely clutch bag, both of which are things I'm not used to using! 
Extensions £39.99- Hairtrade
Dress £35 - Ellos
Bag £8 - Matalan
Shoes £19.99 - Deichmann

I've had these hair extensions for a few months now but I've not worn them in as I thought I wouldn't be able to blend them with my dip dye. Last night I had a flash of inspiration though and used my Colour Restore stuff (blog scheduled for that!) just in the ends to make them at least some form of red. I then curled the extensions and they kind of blended in alright. After a few Melon liquors I didn't really care anyway haha.
This dress is from  http://www.ellos.co.uk, a Swedish based website which has recently launched their UK webstore. I chose this dress as I actually don't own any plain black dresses! It's a bit odd considering all my wardrobe consists of is dresses really, but I've never had that one fashion staple of a Little Black Dress. I may do a blog post on how this dress can be worn in several ways, as the cut is the type that can be played around with. Last night I wore it just on it's own with no accessories apart from my new clutch bag from Matalan. Clutch bags are another thing I've never really owned. I always thought they'd be too awkward to carry around and not hold enough stuff in but alas this one is huge on the inside and expands a little bit too, I fit an umbrella in no problem along with all my other stuff! This dress is so flattering for a pear shape like me, the 60's style just skims over my hips and hides my little bloated belly ...I say it's bloated but it's been 'bloated' for around a month now, maybe I should just accept that I'm gaining a bit more chunk in my rump! It's the weirdest material, like lace but thick and soft, like velvet but not?! 

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  1. Ooh your hair looks amazing, it really suits you. I swear every time I see a photo of you your hair is never the same! haha xx

    1. Thank you! Ah it's just because lately I've had to make the most of the awful blue I had in it by playing around lots! Will be back to it's original dip dye goodness soon I hope! x

  2. You look lovely, the extensions really suit you! Xo

    1. Thankssss! My hair wont grow past a certain length, I would LOVE it to be like this all the time!

  3. The extensions look great! Lovely dress too x

    1. Thank yooouuuu, its such nice material!

  4. You bloody stunner Terri! :) Your hair looks lovely! xx

  5. Your hair always looks different Terri! But i must say those curls look rather glam! :)

    Lovely dress too! Cant wait to see the post on how you'd style it in different ways xx

  6. Blimey, you scrubbed up really bloody well!

  7. You look gorgeous! Those extensions look great in your hair.

  8. :) This is a really lovely look, your hair looks amazing! Hope you had a good night.

    Rose x

  9. You look gorgeous - love the hair colour btw xo

  10. This is my fave outfit post of yours! Lovely dress

  11. ahhh i know this post is old but your hair looks lovely!


Thanks for the comment!

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